Generation 1

Edward GILBY was born about 1709, probably in Finchingfield, Essex.

He married Elizabeth CLEMENTS, date unknown.

Known children of Edward and Elizabeth are:

  1. Adam born about 1746 in Finchingfield, died 26 January, 1827. (more below)
  2. Philip born about 1746 in Finchingfield.
  3. Edward born about 1734, Finchingfield.
  4. John born about 1732, Finchingfield.
  5. Elizabeth born about 1736, Finchingfield.
  6. Emmanuel born about 1744, Finchingfield.
  7. Edward born about 1745, Finchingfield.
  8. Amy born about 1735, Finchingfield.


Generation 2

Adam GILBY married Mary BOCKING, date and place unknown.

For a time, Adam worked as a labourer.

Known children of Adam and Mary are:

  1. James born about 1786 in Finchingfield, died 1868. (more below)
  2. Mary born about 1776, Finchingfield.
  3. Abraham born about 1780, Finchingfield, died March 1839, Essex.
  4. Sarah born about 1784, Finchingfield.
  5. Thomas born about 1789, Finchingfield. (more below)


Generation 3

James GILBY married Susanna PARMENTER on 1st April, in Stambourne, Essex.

In 1814, James worked as a malster in London.

Known children of James and Susanna are:

  1. Charles born in 1814 in Stambourne. (more below)
  2. Caroline born in 1817, Stambourne (more below)
  3. Bransom born in 1818 in Hornsea, Cambridge, died 1819 in Stambourne.


Thomas GILBY married Alice HITCHEN date and place unknown.

Known children of Thomas and Alice are:

  1. Ezekial born about 1823 in Finchingfield.
  2. William born about 1818, Finchingfield.
  3. Caroline born about 1820, Finchingfield.
  4. John born about 1825, Finchingfield.
  5. Martha born about 1828, Finchingfield.
  6. Ann born about 1830, Finchingfield.
  7. James born about 1833, Finchingfield.
  8. Charles born about 1838, Finchingfield.
  9. Emmanuel born about 1835, Finchingfield.


Generation 5

Charles GILBY married Mary Anne RENHAM in 1839 in Chesterton.

Known children of Charles and Mary Anne are:

  1. Alfred born about 1840 in Chesterton, baptised on 3rd January, 1841. Died 23rd May 1892 in Birmingham. (more below)
  2. Arthur born about 1842, Chesterton, died 19th July, 1868 in Buffalo, USA. (more below)
  3. Caroline born about 1844 in Chesterton. Died 23rd March, 1876. (more below)
  4. Walter born about 1847 in Chesterton, died 20th April, 1861.
  5. Nathan born about 1848, died 1888 in Queens Hospital, Birmingham. (more below)
  6. Matilda born 30th June, 1850, died 30th September, 1851.
  7. Louisa, born 12th February, 1851, died 15th November, 1869.
  8. George born 11th May, 1854, died 4th September, 1858.
  9. Charles Horace born 13th August, 1856.
  10. Isabella born 2nd October, 1858. Died 24th April, 1859.
  11. George Herbert born 29th November, 1860.
  12. Ernest Henry born about 1862. Died 3rd March, 1863.


Caroline GILBY married Robert HART on 3rd July, 1836 in Barnwell, Cambridge.

Known children of Caroline and Robert are:

  1. James born about 1839 in Cambridge.
  2. Eber born about 1841 in Cambridge.
  3. Alfred born about 1843 in Surrey.
  4. Joseph born about 1839, Surrey.


Generation 6

Alfred GILBY married Sarah Hannah MASON in 1865 in Cambridge.

Between 1865 and 1891, Alfred was a police officer in Birmingham.

At the time of his death in 1892, he lived with his family at 42 Chain Walk, Aston, Birmingham.

Known children of Alfred and Sarah Hannah are:

  1. Alfred Mason born 1872 in Birmingham. (more below)
  2. Lily born about 1865 in Cambridgeshire.
  3. Grace born about 1867 in Birmingham (more below)
  4. Herbert born about 1876 in Birmingham (more below)
  5. Sidney born about 1877, Birmingham.
  6. Percy born about 1880, Birmingham, died 1881.
  7. Elsie Daisy born about 1887 in Birmingham.
  8. Percy Archibald born about 1883, Birmingham. (more below)
  9. Joy Hilda born about 1885, Birmingham.
  10. May Ethel born about 1882, Birmingham.


Arthur GILBY married Maria WILDE on 10th March, 1863 in Aston, Birmingham



Nathan GILBY married Annie FLOWERS in 1867 in Cambridgeshire.

Nathan spent a short time a police officer in Birmingham in 1865. He later worked as a railway ticket collector.

Known children of Nathan and Annie are:

  1. Charles A. born about 1865 in Birmingham. (more below)
  2. Louisa born about 1869, Birmingham.
  3. Beatrice Alice born about 1875, Birmingham.
  4. Minnie Ada born about 1877, Birmingham. (more below)


Caroline GILBY married Henry SANSUM in 1867 in Strand, Middlesex.


Generation 7

Alfred Mason GILBY married Blanche Edith WAYNE, date unknown.

In 1891 Alfred was living at 42 Chain Walk, Aston, Birmingham and working as a clerk.

Known children of Blanche and Alfred are:

  1. Denis Wayne born on 5th January, 1905 in West Bromwich, died December 1981, in Southam, Warwickshire. (more below)
  2. Alfred Cecil born about 1900 in West Bromwich.


Grace GILBY married Ernest Horton LUKE in 1896 in Birmingham.

In 1901, Ernest worked as a clerk for a hardware merchant.

Known children of Grace and Ernest are:

  1. Clarence born about 1898 in Sparkhill, Birmingham.


Herbert GILBY married UNKNOWN in 1899 in Birmingham.

Herbert’s known children are:

  1. Herbert born about 1900 in Yardley, Birmingham.


Percy Archibald GILBY married Elsie M. GRIMLEY in 1915 in West Bromwich.


Charles A. GILBY married Maria HODNETT in 1891 in Birmingham.

Known children of Charles and Maria are:

  1. Frank C. born about 1896 in Birmingham.
  2. Ethel J. born about 1897, Birmingham.


Minnie Ada GILBY married Joseph Edward VALE in 1908 in Kings Norton, Warwickshire.


Generation 8

Denis Wayne GILBY married Ellen Mary LUCAS, and had two children, one of whom was my father. (details not shown to protect the living.)


73 thoughts on “Gilby

  1. Post for William Gilby

    William Gilby Says:

    My gg-grandfather was James Gilby 1776-1864 born in Willsby (Wilksby?), Lincolnshire.
    My g-grandfather John Gilby, 1812- 1863, b. Kirton, Lincolnshire had a shop at 6 Bridge St. City of York, Yorkshire. He emigrated 1853 to Oakville, Ontario, Canada. His brothers were James, Charles, William, Robert, and Frank. His wife was Alisemon Straw of London. My grandfather was John Gilby, my father William James Gilby.
    Is there any trace of this family in Lincolnshire that you know of? I suppose we must be distantly related.
    William (Bill) Gilby, Victoria, BC, Canada

  2. Posting for Richard Gilby

    Richard Gilby Says:

    Like your site, I am your 3rd cousin once removed, would like to get in contact.

  3. Hello Kate,

    I came across your website while searching birthplace clues for our earliest known ancestor Edward Gilby. I am very impressed by it. My relationship calculator shows that we are fourth cousins, twice removed.

    I am still working on the convergence/migration of the Gilby/Gilbey family going backwards in time. The Cambridge/Haverhill area now appears to have been a South East jumping off point from a southwards Lincolnshire migration. As yet I have not traced anyone back to Gilby Village. The Civil War keeps getting in the way.

    Michael Gilbey

  4. I noticed a reply from William (Bill) Gilby above. I went to school with a Bill Gilby and would like to know if that is him. Is there any way to find out?

    John Kelley

  5. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your comment! I think we might have been in touch before – about 2 years ago.

    I have thought for a while that our branch of the Gilby family may have come from Lincolnshire originally, but as you say, the Civil War makes it difficult to find a definite connection. I have the same problem in other branches of my family and it can very frustrating.

    I have been to Gilby – it’s only about 10 miles away from where I live. There isn’t a lot to see in terms of actual structures, but it is apparent that it was settled and farmed for some time. And, it was interesting to think it may be where my distant ancestors came from. If that was the case, I’m guessing they moved to one the nearby towns in search of work and slowly worked their way south over a number of generations.

  6. Hi, Our branch came from Finchingfield to Scotland in 1878 when Joseph Gilby married after leaving the army; that is when the ‘e’ in our name started.
    We too started with Edward and Elizabeth Clements – they married in Finchingfield on 11th Sept 1732; Adam’s marriage to Mary Bocking, also in Finchingfield was on 8th Nov 1773.
    We would love to find out if the family originally came from Gilby in Lincolnshire

    1. Hello Patricia, I am aware of your branch of the Gilbey family.

      In answer to your question if the Gilby family came from Lincolnshire is ulitmately yes. The only question is when as I have never been able to find birth records for our earliest known ancestor Edward Gilby, (Elizabeth Clement’s husband). However, although such records have yet to be found, there is strong evidence that his parents were probably were an Edward and Esther or Hester with siblings named Mary, Sarah and Jane all of whom are in the Finchingfield Parish records.

      To understand my reasoning on the Lincolnshire connection it would probably be easier to read “The Origins of the Gilbey surname on my website at

      If you look at the descendent chart also on my website, although you probably already have them, you will find details on your families Scottish line. It does however deliberately cut off to not knowingly shown any living persons.

  7. Hello Kate.

    While browsing your website I realised that you do not have the missing child of Edward Gilby & Elizabeth Clements. He is Abraham Gilby and he would have been born in Finchingfield c1747 – c1750. I was aware of this Abraham for many years and also of his descendants which were like a large jigsaw piece awaiting to be slotted into the Gilby/Gilbey tree. Earlier this year I finally uncovered evidence of his parents. I was aware that this Abraham had originally married an Elizabeth Ridgewell and was able to trace the marriage to 07 July 1764 in Hempstead, Essex. The Essex Records Office still hold details of this marriage along with a marriage allegation and bond, (ref D/ACL 1764), made by his mother as Abraham was still under 21 years of age. The mother was Elizabeth Gilby a widow of Finchingfield, (Elizabeth Stammers). The allegation goes on to state that Abraham is a husbandman and is upwards of 19.

    There was only one Elizabeth Gilby in Finchingfield at this period which was Edward Gilby’s wife, Elizabeth Stammers. Edward died in 1750 and it would appear that Abraham was never baptised which is why his family could not be traced.

    The details of this Abrahams descendants can be found on my tree which is located in various places, Genes Reunited, Ancestry and One World Tree. The saddest part of all this is Abrahams first wife Elizabeth Ridgewell and his first daughter Elizabeth b1766 both died within days of each other of smallpox. They were buried together in 1768.

    There were a number of Abraham Gilbys about at the turn of the 17th century which had caused researchers confusion. I have over the years traced everyone of them and correctly located them in the tree. This Abraham was the last of them.

  8. Further to my earlier message in May, I have now been able to trace the Gilby surname back to the year 1320 in Ashby Lincolnshire. Ashby is now an area of South Scunthorpe and only about 10 miles from the site of Gilby village which was first mentioned in documents about 1138/9. The birth of a Thomas Gylby was recorded in Ashby in c1320. No parents are mentioned. Prior to that time, surnames were not in general use except by nobles and perhaps merchants. The convergence of the Gilby name with the backwards passage of time also centers on this area of North Lincolnshire. Prior to that, variants of the name are mentioned in both Norman and Norse but the jury is still out in terms of it’s origin. Given North Lincolnshire I am personally more inclined to think it is Norse as the Vikings did settle in this area. One use of the name Gilby in Norse meant “Pledge”. Gilby was also apparently a Norse God of Grumpiness. This last one could at times certainly apply to myself.

    Whether it will be physically possible to ever trace the name back any earlier is difficult to say. The above research although only a few lines on paper has taken me a considerable number of years in the researching.

  9. Twice in an earlier message I mentioned that Elizabeth Stammers was the wife of Edward Gilby. I should have said Elizabeth Clements.

  10. The name does seem to be Norse, the ‘by’ suffix would certainly suggest a Viking origin. I was under the impression it translated as Gill’s farm, or homestead, suggesting that Gilby village was originally home to a Norse chap called Gill and his family. I like the idea of a grumpy god though, that definitely suits me in the morning LOL

    When you say you have traced the Lincolnshire Gilbys back to 1320 – have you been able to find a connection between them and the East Anglian branch? I’m certain there is one, so I’d love to know who and when. I’ve noticed a couple of Gilbys mentioned in material about the Civil War, and I’m guessing they are ‘ours’.

    It’s ok, I guessed you meant Elizabeth Clements – I have so many Elizabeths and Marys in my tree I often confuse them. I once spent the best part of an afternoon searching for the wrong Mary in the wrong place.

  11. Researching a surname by geographic spread does not use direct ancestral links from one generation to another, it entails looking for how many occurences of the name there were throughout the UK and the size and distibution of those occurences at particular points in time. Most direct ancestral links tend to fade out about the 1500’s. Although it is not possible to prove who was related to whom by this method, it is never-the-less quite useful in showing how the families split and migrated throughout the country with the passage of time. The surname Gilby and it’s variants are relatively unique. This tends to indicate the source of it’s origins is likely to be reasonably accurate. Other surnames like Smith, Archer, Brewer are not as likely to have such a common link and probably arose spontaneously in a number of locations dependent on a persons trade or calling.

    Homestead was certainly another use of the word/name Gilby in Norse. I suspect that like modern English, similar sounding or spelt words in Norse. (assuming they could spell), had different meanings dependent on how they are pronounced or the context they are used in. Lead for instance can mean a metal, a form of tether, or being ahead of someone else.

  12. Hi Kate, Came across your site whilst searching for Edward Percy Gilbey of Newport Essex born 1917-1997. And I think by chance I have found a relative on here… Would you Michael Gilbey be brother to Roland J Gilbey?
    Kate, do you have Edward in any of your records? I find that the gilbey/Gilby I come across are listed in Standsted, Elsenam, Finchingfield and mainly essex, so Im very interested in the Lincs connection…

    1. I’ll email Michael and ask him?

      I’m afraid I don’t have your Edward, at that date I only have my immediate family and their siblings.

      There is a very strong connection with that part of Essex, also south Cambridgeshire. The Lincs connection fascinates me. I’m sure there must be one, but the records just don’t seem to be there, I’m guessing due to the disruption caused by the civil war.

  13. Hello Kate & James

    James, I am not related to Roland J Gilbey.

    Edward Percy Gilbey was born 1917 the Saffron Walden registration district. His parents appear to be Alfred Percy Gilbey and Rose E Cornell, they married in 1912. Alfred Percy Gilbey was born 1890 Saffron Walden registration district. At the moment I am not certain who his parents are but it seems likely that he is named as Percy Gilbey in the 1901 census and is at he home of a Sam and Fanny Fish in Newport. His relationship is given as a nephew. Presumably if one can trace a Gilbey/Fish marriage in the Saffron Walden area somewhere around the 1890’s, then these people are likely to be the grandparents of your Edward Percy.

  14. John,

    It would now appear that the ancestry of your Edward Percy Gilbey is as follows;

    Edward Percy Gilbey 1917
    parents Alfred Percy Gilbey 1890 Saffron Walden & Lydia Dennison c1857 Newport, Essex
    Stephen Gilbey 1843 Wenden or Wendens Ambo & Maria Gratton c1837 Arkesden, Essex
    Daniel Gilby 1798 Littlebury & Rebecca c1805 Newport, Essex

    I have no further information on this line prior to 1798 but I strongly suspect this branch of the Gilby/Gilbey line will be linked to those from the Stanstead/Bishops Stortford area.

    1. Hi All, been awhile since being on here.
      Just an update on the above msg from Michael Gilbey.

      I believe that “Daniel Gilby’s (1798 Littlebury) Rebecca (c1805 Newport, Essex’) is a Rebecca (Gailer) or (Gayler)

      I wanted to ask about Daniel (1798 littlebury) as I came across a Daniel and Rebecca kids names, as follows-

      child: Ellen
      Parents: Daniel & Rebecca GILBEY
      27 Feb 1831
      Child: Henry William
      Parents: Daniel & Rebecca GILBY
      21 Jul 1833
      Child: Emma Mahala
      Perents: Daniel & Rebecca GILBEY
      1 Apr 1836
      George, twin
      Mary Ann, twin
      Daniel & Rebecca GILBEY
      17 Apr 1840

      Now this is one of two Daniels that were born in the same year, the other being in Stanstead and married a 1802 Harriet also from Stanstead (surname unknown).

      In the msg from michael it does say that Stephen Gilbey 1843 Wenden is the son of Daniel & Rebecca. But cannot find that link with the children that they had. I am going to pursue the other Daniel but wanted to ask Michael where/what sources he got the Daniel/Stephen/Alfred p from. ie, I have no birth cert for Edward to even check his perents names. I’m just at the wall right now and everything has kinda got cunfusing for me, the joy lol.

      Anyways, hope I made some sense


  15. Michael,

    Thank you so much, I made one error tho on the DOB of Edward, I believe it to be 1916 may 10th & DOD would be april 12th 1997….most probably still the same Edward that we are talking about.
    I have come stuck too upto 1798, I’m trying to see if there is a link between us and the Gilbey’s Gin family, being that they are from the Elsenham and Bishops Stortord area. If your not familiar with that area, its basically a 20 mile road that links Harlow town all the way to Saffron waldon with BStordford and Elsenham along the way…

    So if anyone has any links or connections or knows someone that can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

    Thank you guy’s.


  16. James,

    I am not clear which branch of the Gilby/Gilbey family you are referring to in your message “if there is a link between us”. I have assumed you are probably referring to the Bishops Stortford/Elsenham branch which unfortunately I do not have too much expertise. Links between the main branches of the Gilbey/Gilby tree get a bit clouded prior to the 1700’s when we are talking about the generation that lived through or were just after the Civil War.

    It’s clear from both migration patterns and the uniqueness of the surname that all branches are commonly related but I am unaware at present of any documentary evidence that shows where those links are.

    In terms of links to the Gilbey’s Wines and Spirit business which was started I believe by Sir Walter Gilbey, I suspect that most members of the broader Gilby/Gilbey family were told by our forefathers in family stories/myths/lore that we were somehow linked to this business. I certainly was. For most of us however, genealogical research has exposed these family stories to be just myth. My family for instance stem from a grand line of agricultural labourers.

    I have however added a web link below to the RootsWeb World Project. This page gives numbers of links to family trees with the ancestry of Sir Walter Gilbey. It may be possible for you to find a connection between your family tree and Sir Walters if one exists. Even if you can find no link, a search box at the bottom of this page will help you refine searches to other trees that may have information on your known family.

  17. Hi Kate, came across your site looking for a Thomas James Gilby born 1888 possibly in Australia. His father was a Richard Gilby. Thomas married Ellen May Eva Olds in Swan Reach, Australia 23/11/1933
    Have found another reference for these Gilby as Gilbey, kinda gets confusing.
    If you can assist would be great otherwise thanks for your time and love your website

    1. Sorry, I don’t have any of those people, but you never know, someone might drop by who does.

      It does get confusing lol Mine seem to have settled on Gilby by about 1800, but even then I find cousins who use Gilbey.

  18. Hi – another Gilbey – by marriage reporting in. My husband’s family come from the Stortford/Birchanger area. And I see I have another name sake here.
    We have not yet started tracing the family tree, although I know my husband is keen to. Anybody know where to start??
    I used to live in Harlow and would walk under the underpass by the Gilbey factory everyday on my way to school – lovely smell!
    Tricia Gilbey

  19. Hi Tricia,

    I used to live in Harlow, moved now to Canada. My Family line came from Newport Essex.

    Your starting in the right direction, by coming to sites like this and swapping info with people……

    Good to see you on here.

  20. Robert

    Your Charles Gilbey is Charles John Gilbey c1877 Stock, Essex. He married Annie Gowers 1892 Billericay registration district. The family line runs Charles J Gilbey > Joseph Gilby c1842 Billericay, Essex, > Joseph Gilby c1813-1845 Mountnessing, Essex > Joseph Gilby c1783-1831 Terling, Essex. The latter’s father was also named Joseph, (four in a row), c1750 birth location unknown. This would be Charles Gilbey’s gggrandfather. I am unaware where this line originated prior to 1783 but the information above should be more than enough to get you started.

  21. Hi just just trying to find a connection between my family and the above names mentioned. My grandfather (Norman) was born in Staten Island, NY. and had two brothers Richard and Edward. My grandfather died when my father was young so I don’t know much about the family roots. Any record of Gilbys migrating to New York? My father was born in NY in the late 1950s and his father(Norman married Doris Foder) went to high school and had lived in NY for some time before that.

    1. Hey Norman, I think we’re related. My Great-Great-Grandparents were from that Staten Island House.

      As Micheal says below, Nelson Gilby was probably your Great-Great-Grandfather. He had at least two sons (James Nelson, Gilby, and Stephen) I’m descended from James Nelson’s line. His son is my Great Grandfather, George Edward Gilby, who lived in that House and later moved his family to North Eastern Pennsylvania where my Grandfather was born.

      According to my siblings’s efforts to trace our family beyond that Staten Island House ends right about the time of the American Revolution. Before that the trail goes cold. I believe the survivors of the War for Independence shed their parents’ Loyalist Roots and changed their name. (Just a guess on my part.)

      True or not, it is a fun story to tell at dinner parties.

  22. Norman

    I would strongly advise obtaining a subscription to an organization like Ancestry to further your research. I have checked on information you gave on your grandfather and the 1910 United States Federal Census does show a Norman Gilby c1906 Richmond NY which appears according to Google Earth that I use, is part of Staten Island.

    If this Norman Gilby is your grandfather, then his father is a Stephen Gilby c1874 NY and according to the 1900 United States Federal Census his father is a Nelson Gilby c1843 NY. What appears to be this same Norman Gilby is also shown on the NY passenger lists on 17 Aug 1922 as a seaman aboard the ship Sixaola bound from Colombia, Gristobal & Kingston to New York.

    The 1870 United States Federal Census goes on to shown this same Nelson Gilby as a married man living in Southfield, Richmond, New York. This same Nelson Gilby is also shown on US Civil War Soldiers records, profiles and lists.

    It would only be yourself who would be able to workout if this is your family line but is it is, then it would be necessary to trace this line back until you find one that was born in England. It is at that stage that others might be able to help as to possible English connections.

  23. Hi,

    I know this request is off subject, however I would be grateful if anyone had any information on Guy Gilby. I understand he is related to the Gilbeys Gin family and attended Downside boarding school near Bath during the mid to late sixties. The reason why I am putting in this strange request, is because he was a good friend of my brother at the time, Ian Power, who sadly past away in 2008 age 56.
    If anyone can shed some light on his whereabouts and how I may be able to contact him, I would be very grateful.

    1. Hello David
      I suspect that my wife and I worked with your Guy Gilbey in Melbourne Australia during 1980’s. His father was James Gilbey from Compton Pauncefoot Somerset and a well known vintage tractor collector. It seems from news reports of James’s passing in January 2012 that Guy has a brother Robert.
      If this is the same person, I regret to inform that Guy passed away circa 2006-7 in Melbourne.

  24. Hello Kate,
    I don’t think from the names that you are related, but was wondering if anyone on your site has any information on the line of James Gilby bpt 1806 Colchester and married to Jane Bateman 1828 Langhoe. They had 7 children, two of which married Eliza Collins- John Henry, and when he died his brother Jefferson Thomas, in Bosham. Eliza had 16 children!
    I was born in New Zealand and live in Australia, so the Gilby’s have travelled far and wide!
    Kaye Gilby

  25. Hi, Just stumbled on to your site and found some interesting things i can confirm that my family are descended from vikings as my paternal grandfather Albert Charles Gilbey had a genetic disorder that has been traced back to the vikings that caused the tendons in his little finger to tighten and curl his fingers. not sure on the exact details will have to ask my Nan . Steven Gilbey

  26. my great grandpa was chester gilbey. married to eva gilbey. he was born in 1896 in novascotia canada. the story is that his father was from the gilbey’s gin family, but was given the boot for falling in love with a german girl. my grandpa passed away in 1998 in edmonton alberta canada. he was 102 yrs old. up untill the last few weeks of his life if you shook his hand he’d squeeze it like a 20 yr old wrestler. i have more stories and details if you are interested.

  27. Rick,

    I have a heard similar stories about disinherited descendants in my own tree. Such stories abound in most trees in one form or another. My genealogical research proved however that my family were not descended from the Gilbey’s gin family.

    I did try doing some reseach on your grandfather and found a Chester Gilby b 17 Sep 1893, Nova Scotia in the 1901 Canadian census. His parents were a William Gilby 1849 b England, (a farmer), and a Sarrah or Sarah.

    There is a passenger list record for a William Gilby arriving in Ontario, Canada in 1871 whoes birth year is the same. As of yet I have not been able to determine which William Gilby this might be as there were a number of William Gilby/Gilbey’s born in England about that time.

  28. Hi Kate,
    I’ve been looking for some history of my great grand parents on my mother’s side, she often told me stories of her grandmther and being from the Gilbey Gin family, apparently the (non) drinking side as she put it. Thought this may be some help, she married my great grandfather (Warren A. Andrews) on August 23, 1906, her name was Nettie Marian Gilby in St. Thomas, Ontario Canada, also my place of birth.
    I thought is perhaps this may help to close some gaps …

    If you have any relative info I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

    Steve Hill

    1. Hi Steve,
      My husband is related to Edith Gilby, Nettie’s sister. I have been researching this family for about 10 years and I have them from Lincolnshire, Joseph Clark Gilby born in 1841 in Hardwick Linclonshire. Would you have any info on Joseph’s wife, Nettie Hannah Hales? I haven’t been able to find their marriage , not sure if they were married in the St. Thomas/London area or elsewhere.
      I have a tree on Ancestry.

      Maria Bozzo Bell

    2. Hi there I think my grandmother may be your aunt? My grandmother’s name was Geraldine Marian Andrews and then married to Porter. Her brother was killed in dieppe whom I believe was John Gilby Andrews? I know he had a sister in Ontario?

  29. Steve, I hope that Kate does not mind me butting in.

    According to Canadian birth records, the parents of Nettie Gilby born 04 Sep 1881 were a Joseph Clarke Gilby and Nettie Hales. UK birth records show that Joseph was born 1841 in the registration district of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire., England. This is quite close to the site of Gilby Village which I have mentioned elsewhere on the board and I believe to be the origin of the Gilby surrname.

    I have not yet been able to trace Nettie Hales or a marriage between her and Joseph.

    I am not aware of a direct connection between the Lincolnshire Gilby’s and the gin family but it’s fair to say, most Gilby/Gilbey descendants have heard that same story as part of family myth including myself.

  30. I found your website by mistake as was researching more on my gilby ancestors.

    as far as my family history is known it goes john 1732 elizabeth 1736 amy 1736 my ancestor henry 1744 adam 1746 abraham 1746/7 philip and edward

  31. Josh

    All of he names you mentioned were the children of Edward Gilby and Elizabeth Clements. There were 2 other children, 2 Edwards 1734 and 1745, the first one presumably dying in childhood but I have never located his death in parish registers. There was also an Emmanuel born in 1744.

  32. Hi all was reading this and well suprise Gilby’s have their genes in India Too. My name is Leon Gilby, Son of Percival Wilfred Gilby , G/son of Harrold Gilby, Great Grand son Of Percival Gilby… but there are quite a few of the Gilby Clan here

    1. It’s interesting to hear there is a branch of the family in India! I think you’ve taken the tile for most exotic lol My lot seemed to think they were brave if they moved five miles up the road. How did they end up so far from home?

      1. Hi Kate.
        Yea the Gilby”s came to Myanmar around 1800. The first Gilby to come here was William Brown Gilby 1801 -1858 married Ada Johannesburg D’vas. They had two kids ELSIE AND Percival Fredrick Gilby.
        Percival married Annette Caroline Walker they had one Son named Harrold Gilby. Caroline died at Child birth then to look after the child Perivale married Annette”s sister Mary Cecila Walker they had 7 kids Myrtle Ann Gilby.Winfrey Gilby.Carlile Gilby.Vernon Gilby.Donald Gilby.Patricia Gilby.Cynthia Gilby.

  33. Wow! This post has been busy in my absence, that’s wonderful to see 🙂

    A huge thank you to Michael for sharing his vast knowledge of the Gilby family, it’s very much appreciated! (To be honest, you are probably more useful than me, you have far more information about how we’re all connected.)

  34. OK, I’m new to researching the Gilbey line, but I am trying to find a connection to Kate Gilby, my great-grandmother, who was born in 1873 or 1874 in “Langsutton” (perhaps “Long Sutton”?) England. Her father was William Gilby, her mother Mary Ann Barwall (Birwall? Bromwall?). Kate Gilby had a brother, Harry, and they emigrated to Woonsocket, South Dakota. Kate was married on July 3, 1894 in Iowa City, Iowa, to Frank Joseph Strub. Any help will be much appreciated, thanks. Sean Strub sean.strub—-AT—–

  35. Although not part of my branch of the Gilby/Gilbey tree, your Kate is listed in the 1881 census. She is staying as a visitor at the home of John Clarke in Lutton, Lincolnshire. Her birth year is given as abt 1874 Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. Also staying as a visitor at this house is a Laura Gilby, presumably Kate’s sister, c1870 Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. There is also an entry in the birth index for a Kate Gilby, 1874, Holbeach registration district. In English birth records, the names of parents are not recorded in the birth index and a copy of the birth certificate in neccessay to obtain these details. This is the only records so far that I have been able to locate your Kate

  36. My name is RICHARD ANTHONY GILBEY, FIRST the lot from newport and widdington were all genuine Gilbeys. second The Gilbey family still exsist and number well over a hundred, if you were not invited to Walter Anthonys 40th at the Dorchester its very unlikely you are directly connected. A Limited family tree is on display in Bishops Stortford musuem if you seek clarification..other genuine outside gilbeys still exsist such as the owners of Gilbeys cafe in Amersham who dont appear on the family you can never rule your self out as a genuine blood relative of the Gilbeys no matter how hard you research. Just to bring you up to speed, The main players today are Baron Gavin who can be found talking about the battle of agincourt in a golf club somewhere near dornoch scotland, Walter Anthony who can be found on the isle of man talking about bloody horses. The one who ended up with the trillions they made during empirical times was monsenior Alfred Gilbey who joined the roman catholic church. when Alfred joined the catholic church he passed on the Gilbey fortune to Richard George Gilbey, make no mistake when the family sold Gilbeys gin to grand met, the money involved was a drop in the ocean compared to the total wealth they held.. in fact the Gilbeys still say they have all the money the world ever had, and in 1891 they claim their ancestors took over londons financial district in two weeks, so if you are near regents park in London and you see some smart men walking around saying two weeks, two weeks, then that is the Gilbeys.. The family have long held ties to the royals and at the end of the nineteenth century the Prince of wales had to ride from sandringham to London to request that the Gilbeys start investing their money in foriegn institutions before there were able to became too powerfull. today relations are strained due to James Gilbey having had an affair with the Princess of Wales, nobody can believe what James did as he is usually too busy in the toilet with charlie, or plotting with Emma who is a total vulture. Today Elsenham hall is executive flats as the Gilbey family upgraded to Gilbey mansion. construction on this building commenced in 1919. you might have heard rumours of the giant solid gold diamond encrusted christmas trees in the entrance. this is true and they are to let the royal family know when they visit the Gilbeys they are poor…if you want information on the Gilbeys visit Gilbeys cafe and restaurant in amersham and speak to Bill, Caroline or micheal…they are all genuine blood relatives and can help you find what you seek…. Lots of love….Richard Anthony Gilbey…….

    1. Hi Richard
      my great-grandfather Bennett Gilbey came from Great Samford. My Grandfather told me once that his great-great………..uncle was concerned in the Gin side of things. I never got the chance to confirm this.
      David Gilbey

  37. Also the name Gilbey means From the Narrow strip of water located in the hills. it probably goes back to when the gilbeys , smiths, Browns and walkers all helped queen Bodicea kick out the roman empire..
    Gill = Narrow strip of water by/bey = From this place.. hope this helps, any way speak to the cafe in amersham about your questions and you will no doubt be satisfied as im pretty sure Sir Walter Gilbey is their direct Grandfather.

  38. hi i am Carol Gilbey, my grandad w\as Thomas Gilbey and he was married to Lillian Beatwell.He was a bell ringing in finchingfeild church.

  39. HI

    I have just been through my father’s papers. His mother was a Gilby but she died when he very young and my dad knew little about his family.
    I have found:

    A Death notice for John Gilby born Binfield Berkshire, England, 1857 died in Gayndah Australia 1945
    Marriage certificate:
    John Gilby born Mansfield Nottinghamshire England 1863, married to Anna Katrina hall in Australia in June 1891

    Does anyone know of any connection to them?
    Amongst dad’s papers, I also found a copy of an article about a Gilby moving to Canada and others to North Dakota but I have no idea if they were from his family.

    i have a vague memory of dad mentioning his grandfather had stowed away on a ship and left England when he was 13

    Is anybody able to help please?

    1. Hello Sharon, my Great Grandfather John Gilby born 1858 Binfield, Berkshire, England. He immigrated to Queensland Australia. He married Anna Katrina Hall and lived first in Herberton North Qld and later in Biggenden and Gayndah. There is a family story that John stowed away on ship as we could not find any record of his arrival. However I have found his arrival. His birth place you mention is totally wrong. He did tell a few false stories. If you are still interested I am happy to pass on the family tree to you.

      1. Hi Collen. Yes that is him. I remember finding some letters from you in my Dad, Len’s papers when he passed away in 2010. I believe you may be Snow’s daughter ( i am sorry, i don’t know his real name). Yes we were told the same story about him running away to sea aged 13,. There was also a story that he later won the casket and returned to England but his family didn’t believe it was him, thinking he had died years before.
        Yes I would love to have more information please. With Dad and his brother, Tom gone, there is no- one else in our family with many details.
        Thank you

  40. Hello Sharon,

    Although neither of these people are in my branch of the family tree, there appears to be a link in the the 1861/71 censi. The birth index indicates a John Gilby b1858 Easthamstead, Berkshire. This is close to Binfield. What appears to be this same John Gilby appears in the 1861 census where it says he was born in Warfield which is also in the Easthampstead registration district. Also listed as his brother is William b1850 Great Swathorn, Cambridgeshire. This is probably Swaffam as the writing is difficult to read.

    In the 1871 census this same William appears to be living in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and he has a son named John age c1868 born Bracknell, Berkshire. There is no birth record for a John Gilbey born about this period in Nottighamshire. It would appear the two Johns are cousins.

    If the information came from a death notice, the registrar has to rely on information about the deceased person that is given by another. Often detailed information is not known by the informant. I would have thought that the 1868 John Gilby’s relatives problably thought he was born in Mansfield. It is quite possible John Gilby also thought that as well as clearly his family moved to Mansfield from Bracknell when he was three years old or less.

    1. Hi Mick.. I was hoping to see if you had any info on the england/gilbie side? My grandmother ( greats plus lol) had a son named Henry fredrick england. He later changed his name to Fred Henry Gilby to hide from his wife he abandoned in the states. He married a winifred King.. I am trying to find info on both of them but mainly her she dissappeard in like 1927 an abandoned her two boys.. do you have any info about this at all? Please email me at laurawellner2012 AT…even if you dont have any info .. also looking for pictures an such of them or any.. thanks Laura

  41. I am related to the 2nd generation Abraham who married Hannah Barnard who had Mary .. Mary married George Gillbee who was my Great great great grandma Georginas parents..ITs very cool to find others I am related to. any more info you have would be amazing! I had to go off ancestry for one month but wil be back in oct . in the mean time my email I use mostly now is laurawellner2012 AT . Hope to hear from any family related to me thanks Laura Wellner ( Zavorka )

    1. Hi Laura 🙂 it is cool to find so many relatives. Growing up, the only Gilbys I knew where my immediate family; I had no idea there were so many of us.

      I’m descended from Abraham’s brother, James, who married
      Susanna Parmenter – I think that makes us first cousins 5 times removed. That might be wrong, I’m not very good at working these things out, so hopefully someone will correct it lol

      Oh – I hope you don’t mind, but I altered the link to your email address. If you leave it as a clickable link they can be harvested by spammers – I didn’t want you to be bombarded with ads for viagra and messages from Nigerian princes.

    2. Hello Laura. I did get the message you sent to me via Ancestry. I do have 1802 Mary Gilby, daughter of Abraham Gilby and Hannah Barnard in my tree but I do not have any spouse or children for her. Clearly from what you are saying there is a complete new avenue to explore and one that will prove interesting. I do have worldwide membership on Ancestry so hopefully once I can get a few pointers from both your and possibly others trees, I shall try to glean any new information on this branch of the family.

      Unfortunately there appears to be gremlins in UK side of Ancestry at the moment which is preventing me looking at your tree of indeed any records at all. Although I am logged in, any attempt to do anything ends up with one being redirected to a page inviting me to join. Even this joining page shows I am logged in. It is a bug that has occurred on Ancestry before and they normally resolve the problem within 24 hours. It is also interferring with my attempting to reply to you via Ancestry’s internal mail system hence I have taken the opportunity to respond via Kate’s board.

      1. Yep that there is.. I had worldwide till today.. I will be off about a month George Gillbee 1758 was my third great grandfather an up Nicholas Gillbee is my 6th Great grandfather… this is so exciting.. MIck who were your parents grandparents? A large world turns out to be small 🙂 like i said feel free to email me though an send pics an stuff would love it thankyou laura

      2. Hello Laura,

        I have now had the opportunity to look for any links for 1802 Mary Gilby but unfortunately can find none. As you suggested via your Ancestry message, I did look at the family tree on Ancestry of a JPgerrity and unfortunately found a problem. He has attributed 1802 Mary Gilby born Stambourne, Essex with a Mary, (maiden name unknown), the wife of a George Gillbee who is shown in the 1951 census in St Botolph Bishopsgate, Middlesex which is now part of London. In that census, Mary indicates she was born in 1802 in Manningtree, Essex which is about 25 miles from Stanbourne.

        The 1851 census shows this couple have two daughters, Celilia and Georgina both born in Milton, Kent and this tallies with records on the Latter Day Saints (LDS) site which also shows three other children born to this couple. One of the children is named Walton Smith Gillbee who was christened in 1831 and may be a possible clue to the maiden identitfy of the Mary that appears to mistakenly linked to 1802 Mary Gilby born Stambourne. It was the custom for some mothers to add their maiden name as a childs middle name thereby enabling her maiden name to continue. However, some fathers also added their own mothers maiden name to their childs name so the Smith in the middle name of this child can only be regarded as a possible clue. I have tried locating a marriage for George Gillbee to a person named Mary but so far without success but jedging by their first known childs christening date it would have been prior to 1830.

        I also wonder if there may be a clue to Mary’s identity in where she born in Manningtree, Essex and where she eventually lived in Milton in Essex before the family moved to London. In the early 1800’s, there would have been no obvious direct or easy route between the two as it would require a journey via London. The only other obvious route id the sea. Manningtree is a small town on the River Stour which leads to the English Channel. Milton in Kent is also a coastal town on the River Thames which also directly leads to the English Channel so there may have been a maritime connection in Mary’s family.

  42. oh okay no prob… We also have a cousin in Australia.. her dad was the son of Fred England… he later changed his name to Henry Gibly to hide from his first wife.. he than married Winifred King.. we are still trying to find out info on her… ( he took his grandpa Abrahams last name an used his middle name as his first… he was a strange one for sure… I am currently in Wyoming … I want to try an go to England in 2014..I want to see where my family is from.. I love graves an cemetaries an was wondering do you have any photos of our family that way? anything you could email me would be wonderful. I just started my tree in august I made a lot of boo boos lol.. like I said I will be off for one month an plan on fixing it all than At any rate we are cousins an I think its very cool !.. We can talk lots in email too… Laura

  43. well.. I know things can get mixed but but Georgina Gillbee was my great great grandmother 🙂 its all good we will fig it out…Mick who were your parents? its still cool to see those we are related too ~Laura

    1. Hello Laura,

      The saying that as one door closes another would appear true in part for your ancestor George Gillbee. What does seem important to me in tracing family trees is to ensure one is on the right path to begin with or, if an error has been made, to rectify it as early as possible to minimise a growing number of future errors. Clearly your family line stems from George Gillbee and I have now be able to find a little more information on him to act as pointers for further research.

      There is a record on Ancestry for George Gillbee in 1820. It is an allegation, an oath that is now stated during the marriage ceremony that there is no legal impediement to a proposed marriage. In this particular case the oath was made and signed on13th May 1820 in the parish of St Anne, Limehouse, Middlesex. The document is also signed bt George Gillbee, (see later note).

      In 1820, Limehouse was a growing area of East London on the River Thames, (another important maritime clue), also known as China Town due to increasing numbers of oriental workers settling in the area from the Far East trade in the adjoining docks.

      The marriage register for St Anne shows George Gillbee, a bachelor, married a Sarah Coxey, a widower, on 20th May 1820. Again both George Gillbee and Sarah Coxey signed the register. From what information we already know, Sarah Coxey probably died sometime between 1820-1830 allowing George to remarry Mary from Manningtree.

      Given that both George and Sarah could write in the early 1800’s which was a time when a great many people were still illiterate tends to indicate they probably came from a middle class, (non-labouring), background. It is also important as every record found so far for George, the spelling of his surname is the same and not distorted or mispelt as frequently happened to the Gilby/Gilbey/Gilbee/Gilbie/Gylby/Gylbie surname. It does proved another possible clue to an earlier ancestor as records show another George Gillbee who married a Elisabeth Beeth, (correct spelling), on 3rd April 1670 at the parish of St James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex which is a few miles away from St Annes.

      1. I am all for what you are saying.. RIght now I have to wait a month to get back on . I understand what you are saying that is why I wanted to get with people an compare info an such. By the way do you or kate have info as to where the family is buried at? would be great to see headstones an such…

  44. Hello you mentioned that your g. Grandfather was Warren A. Andrews? I think that my grandmother was his daughter? Her name was Geraldine Marian Porter and I think her brother was John Gilby Andrews? I know her brother was a Lt. Colonel in Dieppe and went by “Johnny”. He is the son of Warren and Nettie? Do you know any info? I believe she still has a living sister somewhere back east?

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