Generation 1

Thomas WAYNE married Sarah POUDRILL on 22nd May, 1715 in St Peters, Nottingham.

Known children of Thomas and Sarah are:

All their children were born in Nottingham

  1. Henry, born about 1718 (more below)
  2. Nathaniel, born about 1720
  3. Sarah, born about 1722
  4. Matthew, born about 1730
  5. Mary, born about 1715
  6. John, born about 1727


Generation 2

Henry WAYNE was baptised on 19th April, 1718 St Peter’s, Nottingham. He married Ann BIRD on 3rd April, 1743 in Basford, Nottingham.

Known children of Henry and Ann are:

All their children were born in Nottingham

  1. Thomas, born about 1744 (more below)
  2. Hannah, born about 1744
  3. John, born about 1745


Generation 3

Thomas WAYNE was baptised on 19th August, 1744 Basford, Nottingham. He married Elizabeth JOHNSON on 19th August, 1777 in St Peters, Nottingham.

Known children of Thomas and Elizabeth are:

  1. Robert born about 1777, baptised 12th April, 1777 in Arnold, Nottingham. (more below)
  2. Thomas born about 1788 in Nottingham. Died about 1789, buried 7th January, 1789 in Nottingham.
  3. Anne born about 1780 in Arnold, baptised 12th March, 1780.
  4. Elizabeth born about 1784, baptised 22 June, 1784 at St Nicholas, Nottingham.
  5. Thomas born about 1790, baptised 11th December 1790 at St Nicholas, Nottingham.


Generation 4

Robert WAYNE was baptised on 12th April, 1777 Arnold, Nottingham. He married Ann Linthwaite TODER on 8th July, 1799 in Radford, Nottinghamshire.

Known children of Robert and Ann are:

  1. Thomas, born 1798 in Radford, Nottingham (more below)
  2. Emilia, born 1802 in Radford.


Generation 5

Thomas WAYNE was baptised on 7th September, 1800 in Lenton, Nottingham. He married Elizabeth BLOUNT on 8th June, 1823 in St. Mary’s, Nottingham. Thomas’s occupation was lacemaker.

Known children of Thomas and Elizabeth are:

  1. Alfred Thomas born on 30th January, 1827 in Beeston, Nottingham. (more below)
  2. Mary born about 1831 in Nottingham.
  3. James Bodin born about 1825 in Nottingham, baptised on 6th June, 1825 at St Marys, Nottingham.


Generation 6

Alfred Thomas WAYNE married Harriet HANDFORD on 29th April, 1849 in St. Pauls, Hyson Green, Nottingham. He worked as a lacemaker between 1850 and 1855. At that time he lived with his family at 24 West Street, Sneinton, Nottingham. By 1861 the family had moved to Birmingham living first in Handsworth, but moving to Aston by 1891. After moving to Birmingham, Alfred worked as a tool maker.

Known children of Alfred and Harriet are:

  1. William Robert born about 1850, baptised 18th May, 1851 at Holy Trinity, Nottingham. Died March 1899 in West Bromwich. (more below)
  2. Elizabeth Emma born about 1852, baptised 30th May, 1852 at Holy Trinity, Nottingham.
  3. Alfred born about 1855 in Handsworth, Birmingham.
  4. Arthur Charles born about 1863 in Handsworth.


Generation 7

William Robert WAYNE was born in Nottingham, but moved with this family to the Handsworth area of Birmingham as a young boy. As an adult he moved again, but only as far as Yardley. He married Clara MORRISON in Birmingham in 1874. William worked as a gold and silver engraver.

Known children of William and Clara are:

  1. Blanche Edith born about 1876 in Aston, Birmingham. (more below)
  2. Alfred A. born about 1877 in Aston.
  3. Florence C. born about 1881 in Stickford, Warwickshire.


Generation 8

Blanche Edith WAYNE married Alfred Mason GILBY in Birmingham.

Known children of Blanche and Alfred are:

  1. Denis Wayne born on 5th January, 1905 in West Bromwich, died December 1981, in Southam, Warwickshire. (more below)
  2. Alfred Cecil born about 1900 in West Bromwich.


Generation 9

Denis Wayne GILBY married Ellen Mary LUCAS, and had two children, one of whom was my father. (details not shown to protect the living.)


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