Photo of Runham Cottage, Duxford, Cambs
Runham Cottage, Duxford. Photo Courtesy of Keith Edkins

Generation 1

George RUNHAM married Mary, probably in Duxford, Cambridgeshire, and died some time before 1765 at which date Mary is described as a widow by records in the Cambridgeshire archives.

George and Mary had eight known children, all baptised in St John’s, Duxford:

  • John, born about 1711
  • George, born about 1712
  • William, born about 1714, died before 1718
  • Mark, born about 1716 (more below)
  • William, born about 1718
  • James, born about 1721
  • Matthew, born about 1723
  • Chapman, born about 1726


Generation 2

Mark RUNHAM was born about 1716 in Duxford, he married Elizabeth some time before 1744.

Mark and Elizabeth had two known children both born in Duxford:

  • Elizabeth, born about 1744
  • Mark, born about 1747 (more below)


Generation 3

Mark RUNHAM was baptised on 9th June, 1747 in St John’s, Duxford. He married Elizabeth FULLER on 14th November, 1776 in Cherry Hinton, Cambridgeshire.

Mark and Elizabeth had five known children, all born in Chesterton, Cambridgeshire:

  • George, born about 1777
  • Mark, born about 1781 (more below)
  • Frances, born about 1783
  • James, born about 1785
  • William, born about 1790


Generation 4

Mark RENHAM (RUNHAM) was born in 1781 in Chesterton, Cambridgeshire. He married Alice GIFFORD on 14th July, 1805 at Over, Cambridgeshire. Mark served in the 63rd Regiment of Foot (West Suffolk regiment) and was discharged in 1819/1820 with a pension of 1 shilling 6 1/2 pence a day. Mark died in 1860.

Mark and Alice had four known children:

  1. Mary Anne, born 13th January, 1820 in Milton, Cambridgeshire. (more below)
  2. Robert born about 1821 in Cambridge
  3. Elizabeth, born about 1823
  4. Matthew born about 1824 in Cambridge
  5. Luke born about 1826 in Cambridge
  6. Charles born about 1828


Generation 5

Mary Anne RENHAM was baptised on 23rd June, 1823 in Chesterton. She married Charles GILBY on 21st May, 1839 in Chesterton, Cambridgeshire. She died at home in Birmingham on 14th January, 1891, 1 day after her 71st birthday.

Mary Anne and Charles had twelve children:

  1. Alfred born about 1840 in Chesterton, baptised on 3rd January, 1841. Died 23rd May 1892 in Birmingham.
  2. Arthur born about 1842, Chesterton, died 19th July, 1868 in Buffalo, USA.
  3. Caroline born about 1844 in Chesterton. Died 23rd March, 1876.
  4. Walter born about 1847 in Chesterton, died 20th April, 1861.
  5. Nathan born about 1848, died 1888 in Queens Hospital, Birmingham.
  6. Matilda born 30th June, 1850, died 30th September, 1851.
  7. Louisa, born 12th February, 1851, died 15th November, 1869.
  8. George born 11th May, 1854, died 4th September, 1858.
  9. Charles Horace born 13th August, 1856.
  10. Isabella born 2nd October, 1858. Died 24th April, 1859.
  11. George Herbert born 29th November, 1860.
  12. Ernest Henry born about 1862. Died 3rd March, 1863.

The spelling of this families surname seems to have been quite fluid up until the middle of the 19th century, at which point my branch settled on the RENHAM variation. The photographed at the top of the this page is of Runham Cottage in the village of Duxford. I’m not sure how this cottage is connected to my family, so if anyone can explain I’d love to hear from you. Records show that there were RUNHAMs living in Duxford right back into the 1500s, and  the age of the cottage suggests that it would be contemporary with this.

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6 thoughts on “Renham/Runham

    1. Hi Janet,

      I’m afraid the information here is pretty much all I have, you’re welcome to add it to your own if it’s new to you! I don’t know anything about more recent branches of the family though, so I can’t help with that. You might find more help over on Rootschat if you haven’t already tried there.

      Sorry I couldn’t offer more help.

      1. Hi. Contacted you last year.
        Research shows Kate Runham nee Saunders is my Great Grandmother. She married Arthur Smith Runham who was my father’s grandfather.
        They had 7 children including Nellie who died as a chlid and my Grandfather Herbert Arthur born in 1899.
        Would love to contact Runham Family .
        Kind Regards. Janet Thurston. Nee. RUNHAM.

  1. my great gandmother was matilda Easy who married 1 arthur townsend 2 william runham in 1906 they had one daughter edith in 1908 , is any one related to me ?

    1. Hello I am Kevin runham born in 1966 my dad is graham runham his sister is Sharon I have a brother Mark dad’s dad was Timmy runham

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