Quick Update and Some New Lines

Well, moving elsewhere wasn’t a great success; people continued to use this blog instead, and I kept forgetting to update the new one, so it looks like I’ll just have to move back here lol

It’s lovely to see how much use the blog has had even during it’s hiatus, especially the GILBY thread which is turning into a really useful resource with a number of people posting details of their Gilby family and meeting up with others who are researching the same lines, plus the useful input of Michael who is something of a Gilby family historian.

I haven’t done a huge amount of genealogy over the last year or so – hit a lot of brickwalls which was frustrating – but I’ve been dipping my toe in the waters again on the last few months, and made a few break-throughs! With the help of the great people at rootschat.com I’ve made quite a lot of headway with my PUGH line, I’ll post more about that in the future when I’ve compiled everything.

I’ve also had a breakthrough in my COLLEDGE line (I haven’t added their details yet), discovering a link to Wendover in Buckinghamshire. William COLLEDGE, my great, great, great, great grandfather, was a boatman who carried cargo from Stratford on Avon to London. En route he would stop at Wendover, and there he met Edith MEAD, the daughter of the harbour master. They married in 1837 and their son, my direct ancestor, Thomas was born in Stratford in 1843.

I’ve also discovered a bit about Edith’s ancestry which includes the names LIPTRAP, GOWER/GOWEN, CAUDERY and DURRANT. The DURRANTs are particularly interesting: I’ve gone back as far as an Allim DURRANT – I’m very, very curious about how he came to have such an unusual forename. More digging needed!


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