Generation 1

John PUGH married Ann KIRK on 16th September, 1750 at St Mary’s, Nottingham. John and Ann had five known children, all baptised at St Mary’s:

  • Priscilla, baptised 25th July, 1751, died 1756
  • Thomas, baptised 9th July, 1754 (more below)
  • Priscilla, baptised 5th December, 1756
  • Ann, baptised 7th January, 1759
  • John, baptised 10th August, 1761, died 1765


Generation 2

Thomas PUGH married Elizabeth MADDOCKS on the 21st August, 1808 at St Marys, Nottingham. Prior to this, Thomas appears to have been married to Elizabeth’s sister, Sarah, who died in 1804.

Known children of Thomas and Elizabeth are:

  1. Maddock, baptised on the 4th June, 1809 in St Marys, Nottingham. (more below)


Generation 3

Maddock PUGH married Christiana WRIGHT on the 11th August, 1840. On his marriage certificate Maddock is described as a widower, but I have no information about his first wife. In 1841, Maddock and Christiana were living in Greenwood Square, Barnsley, West Riding of Yorkshire and Maddock is working as a stocking weaver. Prior to this the couple lived in Warrington, Lancashire where their son Thomas was born. Only two or three years later they have returned to Cheshire and lived in Bunbury where Maddock worked as a labourer. In the mid 1850s, the family moved to Derbyshire, and lived very close to the Nottinghamshire border. Here, Maddock worked as a church warden, school teacher and a post man. He died in 1869.

Known children of Maddock and Christiana are:

  1. Thomas, born 1841 in Warrington, Lancashire.
  2. George Turner, born 1844 in Bunbury, Cheshire (more below)
  3. Robert Maddock, born 1846 in Cheshire
  4. John, born 1848 in Cheshire
  5. Henry, born 1850 in Barrow, Cheshire
  6. Samuel, born 1851 in Barrow, Cheshire
  7. Octavius, born 1853 in Barrow, Cheshire (this is a name usually given to an 8th child, however, Octavius only had 6 older siblings according to the information I have found on census returns. I suspect that there was another child who sadly died in infancy.)
  8. James, born 1855 in Barrow,
  9. Elizabeth, born 1857 in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.
  10. Priscilla, born 1860, presumably in Ilkeston
  11. Sarah, born 1863 in Ilkeston


Generation 4

George Turner PUGH married Sarah CLAY in Sheffield in 1870. George was a coal miner who worked at pits in Derbyshire and Yorkshire. George and Sarah had six known children:

  • Mary, born about 1865 in Doehill, Derbyshire
  • Eliza, born about 1868 in Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Joseph, born about 1872 in Flushdyke, West Riding (more below)
  • James, born about 1874 in Osset, West Riding
  • Sarah Ann, born about 1875 in Osset
  • George Arthur, born about 1880 in Earls Heaton, West Riding


Generation 5

Joseph PUGH spent most of his life in Batley and Dewsbury, West Riding were he worked as a miner. Joseph married Mary Anne CONROY in Dewsbury  in 1891. Sadly, Joseph died in 1904 at the age of 31. Joseph and Mary Anne had three known children:

  • Eliza, born about 1892 in Batley
  • Sarah, born about 1894 in Batley
  • Mary, born 16th January, 1897 in Batley (more below)


Generation 6

Mary PUGH married James OWENS in Batley in 1916. Mary and James lived on Mount Pleasant – a street which is famous amongst rugby fans as the site of a rugby league stadium with a sloping pitch. They still lived in their little terraced house when I was a child in the 1970s, and during visits I refused to use the indoor ‘facilities’, preferring the exotic outside loo.

In later life, Mary moved to Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire where she lived with her daughter Nora and son in law, Tom RYLANDS. Mary died in Stratford in March, 1986, three months after the birth of my oldest son, her first great, great grandchild.

Mary and James had three children:

  • May, born about 1917 in Batley
  • Nora (Honor), born 24th June, 1919 in Batley, died January, 1995 in Stratford on Avon
  • Joseph, born 1925 in Batley, died in 1931 of diptheria

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