Myles WORSLEY (died about 1516) married Margaret FAIRFAX, date unknown.

Myles and Margaret had one known child:

  • John, born about 1509 (more below)


John WORSLEY (died 1546) married Mary BOZOM.

John and Mary had five known children:

  • Valentine
  • Myles
  • Robert
  • Francis, born about 1535
  • Richard, born about 1540, died 1607 (more below)


Richard WORSLEY married Mary HARRINGTON in Witham on the Hill, Lincolnshire on 21st June, 1586. Richard was buried on 13th June, 1607 in Maxey, Northamptonshire as he specified in his will.

Richard and Mary had nine known children, all baptised in Maxey:

  • Selina, born about 1588
  • John, born about 1589 (more below)
  • Elizabeth, born about 1592
  • Brigit, born about 1593
  • Mary, born about 1595
  • Susan, born about 1596
  • William, born about 1599
  • Rose, born about 1601
  • Margret, born about 1604


John WORSLEY was baptised in Deepingate, Maxey on 28th September, 1589. He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge.

John married Abigail WICKES, and had three known children:

  • Anne
  • Richard
  • Sabina, born about 1620 (more below)


Sabina WORSLEY married Gilbert WIGMORE in about 1640. Sabina died on 29th August, 1659 in Little Shelford, and was buried in the parish church on 7th September. Shortly after her death, Gilbert wrote to his sister thanking her for taking care of his daughter, Ursula, during the outbreak of illness to which her mother succumbed, suggesting that Sabina was the victim of some kind of widespread virus or infection.

Sabina and Gilbert had ten known children, all born in Little Shelford:

  • Daniel, born about 1640
  • John, born about 1642
  • Ursula, born about 1643
  • Abigale, born about 1646
  • Ann, born about 1648
  • Gilbert, born about 1649
  • William, born about 1650
  • Henery, born about 1652
  • Robert, born about 1655
  • Thomas, born about 1658



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