William TOMKINS married Anne WRIGHT on 14th August, 1797 in the Guild Chapel, Stratford on Avon. As far as I can tell, William was a mercer and also an alderman of the town.

William and Anne had five known children, all born in Stratford:

  • William, born about 1798 (more below)
  • John, born about 1801
  • Mary, born about 1804
  • Daniel, born about 1807
  • Ann, born about 1809


William TOMKINS was baptised on 28th December, 1798 at Holy Trinity, Stratford. As an adult he moved to nearby Alcester where he lived on Stratford Road and worked as a blacksmith.

William married Rebecca (his first wife) and the couple had one known child:

Mary Anne, born about 1831 in Alcester (more below)


Mary Anne TOMKINS was baptised on 6th February, 1831 in Alcester. She married a publican, John LUCAS, on 6th July, 1858 at St Martin’s, Birmingham.

The couple lived at the Red Cow pub in Balsall Street and had five known children, all born in Birmingham:

  • Arthur George, born about 1860
  • Agnes Matilda
  • Frederick
  • Annie C, born about 1867
  • William H, born about 1870
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  1. Not sure how I found your page, but the Tomkins/Lucas jumped out at me, I am the gg grand daughter of John Lucas, he also had a son John, would be interested in sharing information with you. Jenny

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