John SHIPLEY was born about 1770, place unknown. He worked as both a soldier and a mariner (probably a gig pilot). He married Elizabeth WATTS (nee STEPHENS) on 20th November. 1795 in Isles of Scilly, Cornwall. John died in 1830 and was buried on St. Marys, Isles of Scilly on 7th June.
Known children of John and Elizabeth are:

  • James Thomas, born 1805 in St. Marys, Isles of Scilly. (more below)
  • Mary, born 1801
  • Maria, born 1811
  • Martin Stephen, born 1813
  • Hugh, born 1796


James Thomas SHIPLEY died in 1874 in Liverpool. He worked as a channel pilot. On 17th November, 1839 he married Margaret EVANS.

Known children of James and Margaret are:

  • Louisa, born 21st February, 1841 in Liverpool (more below)
  • Maria, born 20th November 1842 in Holt, Denbigh, Wales
  • James Thomas, born 21st January, 1846 in Liverpool
  • John, born 1848 in Liverpool
  • Martin, born 1851 in Liverpool


Louisa SHIPLEY married James RYLANDS in 1858 at St. Peter’s, Liverpool. In 1881 she lived at 4 Tarleton Terrace, Liverpool. In 1901 she lived at 12 Venice Street, Liverpool.

Known children of James and Louisa are:

  • John born 1865 in Liverpool
  • Margaret born 13th July, 1865, Liverpool
  • Mary, born 8th January, 1860, Liverpool
  • William born 1863, Liverpool
  • James born 1864, Liverpool
  • Louisa born 1868, Liverpool
  • Ann Jane, born 1870, Liverpool
  • Margaret, born 1874, Liverpool
  • Amelia, born 17th March, 1875, Liverpool
  • Samuel, born 1880, Liverpool

4 thoughts on “Shipley

    1. Nope, ‘fraid not. He’s still a mystery 😦 I did find a reference to him being a soldier on his daughter’s marriage certificate, but without knowing when and with whom it’s hard to know where to start chasing that line.

  1. Hi
    I’m a decendent of Hugh Shipley and have been searching for info about his death and havn’t had any success. If you could help in any way it would be appreciated.


  2. I’m writing this reply in response to an unexpected reply to my previous Norris Taylor Jr. posting on . The reply came from a Isobell Millsap asking if I had any information regarding Norris Taylor Jr. . He is the auythir of the West Virginia Rodeheaver Family history document known as Family History Report 083. Norris is related to the West Virginia Feather ( Vater – German Spelling ) Family of West Virginia. Feather is related to the West Virginia Rodeheaver Line. Isobell indicated she is related to the Shipley family. Her email also suggested Norris Taylor Jr. could be related to her and the Shipley Family. This name is not in my current files. I plan to converse with Isobell more in the future. Can anyone confirm any connection between Milsap, Shipley and the decendants of Norris Taylor Jr.? .
    Bruce W. Rodeheaver

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