James RYLANDS was born in Ireland about 1835. He married Louisa SHIPLEY in 1858 at St. Peter’s, Liverpool.

In 1881 James and Louisa were living at 4, Tarleton Terrace, Everton (Liverpool) and James was working as a boilermaker.

Known children of James and Louisa are:

  • John born 1865 in Liverpool (more below)
  • Margaret born 13th July, 1865, Liverpool
  • Mary, born 8th January, 1860, Liverpool
  • William born 1863, Liverpool
  • James born 1864, Liverpool
  • Louisa born 1868, Liverpool
  • Ann Jane, born 1870, Liverpool
  • Margaret, born 1874, Liverpool
  • Amelia, born 17th March, 1875, Liverpool
  • Samuel, born 1880, Liverpool


John RYLANDS married Catherine MCSHANE in 1886 at St. Michaels, Home Street, Liverpool.

In 1901, John was living in Liverpool with his family and working as an electrical wireman

Known children of John and Catherine are:

  • Elizabeth born 1898 in Newcastle under Lyme (more below)
  • Mary born 1890 in Liverpool
  • John born 1892, Liverpool
  • Ada born 1893, Liverpool
  • Thomas born 1896, Liverpool
  • Henry born 1900, Newcastle under Lyme


Elizabeth married UNKNOWN in Liverpool

Known children of Elizabeth and UNKNOWN are:

  • Leo Philip born 24th January, 1922 in Liverpool. Died September, 1985 in Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire. (more below)


Leo Philip was known as Tom, as nickname he acquired during his service in World War 2 when he spent time in Malta, Italy and Germany. After the war he went to agricultural college in Lancashire and then moved to Warwickshire where he worked on a dairy farm (Baraset) in Alveston, a few miles away from Stratford. He enjoyed music, and was a member of the choir at St. Gregory’s R.C. church in Stratford – where I was baptised – and was a staunch supporter of Liverpool F.C.

He married Nora OWENS on 15th September, 1945 in Batley, West Riding of Yorkshire.

Tom and Nora had 4 children, one of whom was my mother.


One thought on “Rylands

  1. Hi there,
    queerying your notes…
    Known children of James and Louisa are:
    John born 1865 in Liverpool (more below)
    Margaret born 13th July, 1865, Liverpool
    Isn’t Margaret about 1858 ish???
    So John fits in between james & Louisa (but is missing on 1871 census)
    my other half’s g-grandmother = Mary Rylands b 8 Jan 1880 (thanks for that date)

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