John PARMENTER was born about 1715 and died on 11th August, 1786. He married Elizabeth THOMPSON on 12th February, 1739 in Stambourne, Essex.

Known children of John and Elizabeth: 

John born 1746 and baptised in Ap[ril of that year in Stambourne, Essex (more below)


John PARMENTER  died 24th December, 1826.

John married Jane HAGGIS on 8th July, 1781 in Trumpington, Cambridgeshire.

Known children of John and Jane are: 

  • Susanna baptised 21st May, 1786 in Stambourne (more below)
  • John, born 1784 in Stambourne
  • Bransom born 1790 in Stambourne
  • Jane, born 1783 in Stambourne
  • Edward born 1796, Stambourne
  • Harriet born 1793, Stambourne
  • Elizabeth, born 1788, Stambourne


Susanna PARMENTER worked as a miliner (hat maker) and died in Aston, Birmingham in 1870. In 1851 she lived in Cambridge.

Susanna married James GILBY on 1st April, 1813 in Stambourne.

Known children of Susanna and James are: 

  • Charles born 1814 in Stambourne
  • Caroline born 1817 in Stambourne
  • Bransom born 1818 in Hornsea, Cambridgeshire, died 1819 in Stambourne.

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