Thomas NELSON married Josan UNKNOWN, date and place unknown.

Known children of Thomas and Josan are:

  1. Josan born about 1651 in Pampisford, Cambridgeshire. Baptised 30th November, 1651 in Pampisford. (more below)
  2. Thomas born about 1645 in Pampisford, baptised 2nd, November, 1645.
  3. Mary born about 1649 in Pampisford, baptised 14th October, 1645.
  4. Lettice born about 1654, Pampisford. Baptised 21st June, 1654.
  5. Anne born about 1643, Pampisford. Baptised 5th November, 1643.


Josan NELSON married John SWANN on 15th October, 1674.

Known children of John and Josan are:

  1. Ann born about 1681 in Duxford, Cambridgeshire, baptised at St. Peters, Duxford on 21st October, 1681. Died 27th January, 1744 in Duxford.
  2. John born about 1676 in Duxford, baptised 18th March, 1676. Is likely to have died while still an infant, although I have yet to find a record of this.
  3. John born about 1683 in Duxford, baptised at St. Peters on 16th March 1683.
  4. Daniel born 1686 in Duxford, baptised at St. Peters on 15th November, 1686.
  5. Joshen born about 1687, Duxford. Baptised at St. Peters on 25th October, 1687.

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