Archibald MORRISON married Margaret ANDERSON on 13th July 1782 at St Cutbert’s, Edinburgh, Midlothian.

Known children of Archibald and Margaret are:

Thomas born 20th June, 1792 in Edinburgh. Baptised 7th July, 1792 at St Cuthbert’s. (more below)

James born on 8th October, 1794, and baptised 15th October, 1794 in Edinburgh.

Elizabeth born 2nd August, 1789, and baptised 14th August, 1789 in Edinburgh.


Thomas MORRISON married Janet DICK in Edinburgh in 1820.

In 1841 he lived at 49 Grassmarket, Edinburgh.

Thomas worked as a butcher.

Known children of Thomas and Janet are:

Archibald born about 1823 in Edinburgh, died 1905 in Nottingham.(more below)

Margaret born 31st October, 1819 in Edinburgh.

Thomas born 18th August, 1824, Edinburgh.

William born 16th February, 1826, Edinburgh.

Elliot born 28th June, 1828, Edinburgh.

John born 5th April, 1830, Edinburgh.

Henry born 6th February, 1832, Edinburgh.

Elizabeth Allison born 1st March, 1837, Edinburgh.

Alexander, born about 1829, Edinburgh.


Archibald MORRISON married Susan JACKSON in 1854 in Birmingham.

In 1851 he lived at Queen’s PLace, William Street, Hull was was employed a a clerk in a tannery.

From 1861 onwards Archibald worked as a clerk for a small arms trader in Birmingham.

By 1891 he is retired, and lives 38 Carlton Road, Aston, Birmingham.

In 1901 he is widdowed and living in Nottingham with his grandson, Archibald MANTON (see below)

Known children of Archibald and Susan are:

Clara born about 1852 in Myton, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire. (more below)

Archibald Thomas born about 1850 in Hull. (more below)

Fanny Lizars born about 1858 in Ipswich, Suffolk. (more below)


Clara MORRISON married William Robert WAYNE in 1874 in Birmingham.

Known children of Clara and William are:

Blanche Edith born about 1876 in Aston, Birmingham.

Alfred A. born about 1877 in Aston.

Florence C. born about 1881 in Stickford, Warwickshire.


Archibald Thomas MORRISON married Mary BATES in 1872.

Known children of Archibald and Mary are:

Percy A. born about 1876, Aston, Birmingham.

George E. born about 1878, Aston.


Fanny Lizars MORRISON married Thomas Henry MANTON in 1876 in West Bromwich.

Known children of Fanny and Thomas are:

Archibald, born about 1787 in Birmingham.


3 thoughts on “Morrison

  1. I have heard that Archibald Morrison was born in Argyll Scotland, 1823 and was in the 1841 Census -Midlothian, Scotland and 1851 Census living in Hull.
    The only hit I could find in IGI was
    Archibald Morison B: 27 Apr 1823 CH: 08 Aug 1823 Kilfinan, Argyll. Do you have any idea if this is true?
    Just a stab in the dark…..

  2. He might have been born in Argyle, but on every document I have found he says Edinburgh and there was an Archibald Morrison born in Edinburgh to a Thomas and Janet that year. Having said that people didn’t always know where they were born so opted for the first place they could remember.

    I did find an Archibald Morrison of the right age born in Argyle, but tracking him forward he became a minister, married a woman called Sarah from Hertfordshire and went to live in Gloucestershire, so I’m guessing that’s not our Archibald.

    Ooh, I hope I haven’t gone and traced the wrong family. I suppose it would help if they had been a bit more imaginative about forenames – the same 4 or 5 turn up again and again.

  3. I can’t find david morrison born scotland in 1823. he came to america about 25 years of age. there are so many david morrisons, for that matter so many morrisons. John morrrison is the son of david. i know he was born in 1860 illinois usa. i see in few places on ancestry search davids father was archibald morrison,but not sure.

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