William MASON was born about 1817.

He married Sarah JAMES on 7th October,  1835 in St. Clement, Cambridge

Known children of William and Sarah are:

  1. Sarah Hannah born about 1847 in Cambridge. (more below)
  2. Margaret born about 1849 in Cambridge. (more below)
  3. Mary Anne born about 1852 in Cambridge.
  4. George W. born about 1854 in Cambridge.
  5. Frederick J. born about 1857 in Cambridge. (more below)


Sarah Hannah MASON married Alfred GILBY in 1865 in Cambridge.

Alfred died in 1892 and Sarah remarried to Henry STARLING in Birmingham, 1896.

Known children of Alfred and Sarah Hannah are:

  1. Alfred Mason born 1872 in Birmingham.
  2. Lily born about 1865 in Cambridgeshire.
  3. Grace born about 1867 in Birmingham
  4. Herbert born about 1876 in Birmingham
  5. Sidney born about 1877, Birmingham.
  6. Percy born about 1880, Birmingham, died 1881.
  7. Elsie Daisy born about 1887 in Birmingham.
  8. Percy Archibald born about 1883, Birmingham.
  9. Joy Hilda born about 1885, Birmingham.
  10. May Ethel born about 1882, Birmingham.


Margaret MASON married Frederick L. CLARKE.

Known children of Margaret and Frederick are:

  1. Charles A. born about 1876 in Cambridge.
  2. Lanceley M. born about 1875, Cambridge.
  3. Silvester born about 1878 in Cambridge.
  4. Rupert born about 1880, Cambridge.
  5. Mabel M. born about 1881, Cambridge.
  6. Archibald H. born about 1883, Cambridge.
  7. Bradrham born about 1887, Cambridge.
  8. Eve G. born about 1885, Cambridge.


Frederick J. MASON married Fanny UNKNOWN in Birmingham.

In 1881 he lived at 5 Porchester Street, Birmingham, and worked as a general commission agent.

Known children of Frederick and Fanny are:

  1. Edgar I. born about 1880 in Birmingham.
  2. Percy G. born about 1881, Birmingham.

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