Richard LINTHWAITE married Sarah UNKNOWN, date and place uncertain.

Known children of Richard and Sarah are:

  1. Ann born about 1747 in Bottesford, Leicestershire, baptised 22nd May, 1847. (more below)
  2. Richard born about 1751, baptised 29th March, 1751. Died 3rd December, 1751 in Bottesford.
  3. William born about 1756 in Bottesford, baptised 10th February, 1856. Died 8th June, 1756 in Bottesford.
  4. Sarah born about 1748 in Bottesford. Baptised 17th January, 1748.
  5. Mary born about 1752 in Bottesford. Baptised 28th October, 1752.


Ann LINTHWAITE married Thomas TODER, on 26th September, 1773 at St George’s, Bloomsbury, London.

Known children of Ann and Thomas are:

NB: Interestingly, all the children have their mother’s maiden name as a middle name.

  1. Ann Linthwaite born 1778 in Newark upon Trent, Nottingham, baptised 25th September, 1778.
  2. William Linthwaite born about 1774, baptised 26th August, 1774 in Newark.
  3. Mary Linthwaite born about 1775, baptised 18th November, 1775 in Newark.
  4. Mary Linthwaite born about 1776, baptised 15th May, 1776 in Newark.
  5. John Linthwaite born about 1779, baptised 30th December, 1779 in Newark.
  6. John Linthwaite born about 1780, baptised 14th April, 1780 in Newark.
  7. Robert Linthwaite born about 1781, baptised 11th October, 1781 in Newark.


There is a village in Yorkshire called Linthwaite and it is that possible my family came from there.  This site offers translations of Norse words which are still used in the Yorkshire dialect. Using this, the closest definition of the name I could find is ‘ling’ meaning heather and ‘thwaite’ meaning village or settlement.

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14 thoughts on “Linthwaite

  1. Hi

    Linthwaite comprises two Norse words
    Lin – flax
    thwaite – village
    It is a beautiful little village near Huddersfield in Yorkshire.
    Hope this helps.


  2. I have been searching for ages trying to find out why my ancestors – the Toders had the same middle name of Linthwaite – thanks.
    The name Toder later became corrupted to Tudor in the 1800s. I was able to spot it because of the middle name of Linthwaite. They later became lace designers in Nottingham. One became a freeman of Nottingham. There was even a Henry Linthwaite Tudor.
    If you need dates & more info please let me know.

    1. That’s interesting about them being lace designers because Anne Linthwaite Toder married into a Nottingham family called WAYNE – they also seem to have been lace designers. I wonder if that is how they knew each other.

  3. Dad (David linthwaite Tudor) did much work on the roots of ‘Linthwaite & Toder’ and produced a small book – would you be interested in seeing the results.



    1. Phil –

      I am also researching the Linthwaite Tudor family (I am descended from William Linthwaite Toder, listed above). If you have information that goes back further than this on the family, I would love to see it! Do you have it in electronic form?

      Thanks, Jessica

      1. I have a tentative father for Richard Linthwaite – chap called William who seems to have been from Rolleston, and appears in church records there as a church warden and also a clerk. I need to do some more digging though before I could really be certain he was Richard’s father though.

      1. Thanks, Kate! Let me know if you come up with anything else. Do you have any more information on Thomas Toder?

    2. Hi Phil
      I have not been on this site for a long time so I hope you are still around.
      I would love to see the book. Can I buy a copy or is it online.
      John Rowell

  4. Not a huge amount about Thomas. I’ve got his birth as around 1750 in Farndon, and his death on 6th August, 1834 in Nottingham. Oh, and I do now have a marriage date for Thomas and Ann: 26th September, 1773 at St George’s, Bloomsbury, London – better add that to the page instead of hoarding it lol

    1. Hi Kate
      As you can see it has been a long time since I have visited this site so I hope you are still active. I have a bit more info about Thomas Toder:
      He was a dealer and ‘chapman’ whatever that is & became bankrupt around 1776. You may already know this but he was the son of Bartholomew (died before 1759 in Farndon) & Elizabeth (died 08/01/1759) she left their whole estate to Thomas who was a minor at the time. I am off to Farndon today to photograph the casket of Adam Toder.

  5. Thomas and Ann Toder brought a case to the House of Lords in 1774/5, described in “The English Reports” at the Google books link below, claiming an inheritance for Ann from one Thomas Greaves via his granddaughter Sarah Sansam, who was in turn Ann’s mother and the wife of Richard Linthwaite. Quite a lot of detail in the case description.

    Or just Google the names Toder and Sansam together.

    1. No sooner do I post this, then I notice that you already have this ancestry on your WikiTree tree… although the court case may still be of value as a cross reference.

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