John JACKSON married Susanna ELVIN on 27th November, 1752 at St James’, Louth, Lincolnshire.

John and Susanna had one known child:

Elvin, 14th February, 1754 at St James’, Louth (more below)


Elvin JACKSON worked as a carpenter. Elvin married Alice BANCROFT on 19th July, 1776 at St James’. He died on 4th January, 1831 aged 77.

Elvin and Alice had seven known children, sadly five under the age of ten:

  • David, 10th December, 1778; buried 13th October, 1783
  • Thomas, baptised 23rd January, 1781; buried 30th November, 1783
  • George, born 26th July, 1784 and baptised 31 July, 1784 (more below)
  • Jemima, baptised 14th April 1788
  • David, 23rd February, 1791; buried 17th October, 1794.
  • Mary, baptised 22nd March, 1794; buried 9th February, 1795
  • Edward, baptised 7th March, 1796; buried 24th May, 1805


George JACKSON worked as a joiner and builder in Louth. He married Mary BURKETT on 23rd November, 1803. George died on 24th August, 1864 aged 61.

George and Mary had seven known children:

  • John George, born 1805, died 1842
  • Oliver
  • Edward James
  • William
  • Martha, born 1820, died 1882
  • Susan, baptised 4th April, 1826 at St James’, Louth (more below)

NB: I’m afraid my software ate the notes for Oliver, Edward and William, so I can’t give exact dates for them at the moment. As soon as I get chance I will dig this out and post it.


Susan JACKSON was born about 1826 in Louth, Lincolnshire. She died in Nottingham in 1899.

She married Archibald MORRISON in 1854 in Birmingham.

In 1851 she is living in Kingston upon Hull.

She moved to Birmingham in about 1853, but seems to have spent some time in Suffolk during the late 1850s.

Known children of Susan and Archibald are:

  • Clara born about 1852 in Myton, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire.
  • Archibald Thomas born about 1850 in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire.
  • Fanny Lizars born about 1858 in Ipswich, Suffolk.

2 thoughts on “Jackson

  1. Hi I have info passed on a family bible dated 1614
    from Maureen Berry -North Carolina
    Susan Jackson B: 15 Mar 1826 Louth, Lincolnshire
    wed 6 Oct 1854 St Martin Birmingham. Her Parents were
    George Jackson 26 July 1784 to 24 Aug 1845
    and married Mary Richmond Birckett. They had 7 children
    John George Jackson 1805-1842
    Edward James Jackson
    William Jackson
    Olivet Jackson 1817-1849
    Martha Jackson 1820-1882
    Sarah Ann Jackson 1823
    Susan Jackson 26 Mar 1826

    George Jackson’s father was Elvin Jackson 10 Feb 1753 to 1831
    Archibald Thomas Morrison B: 18 Nov 1849 married
    Mary Elizabeth Bates 9 May 1872 St Georges, Birmingham

    Clara Ann Morrison was born 27 Jan 1852 Myton Hull

    Fanny Lizars Morrison B: 13 Jan 1858 Ipswich, Suffolk

    Are you on the Ancestry.com site?

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