Generation 1

Henry HATLEY married Mary on 2nd February, 1625 in Harston, Cambridgeshire.

Known children of Henry and Mary are:

  1. Stephen, born about 1636 in Harston (more below)


Generation 2

Stephen HATLEY was baptised on 11th December, 1636 in Harston. He married Martha BANGLE on 5th June 1666 in Harston.

Known children of Stephen and Martha are:

  1. Martha, born about 1668 (more below)
  2. Margaret, born about 1667
  3. Steven, born about 1678


Generation 3

Martha HATLEY was baptised on 1st January, 1668 or 69. She married William HAGGIS on 20th April, 1691 in Harston.

Known children of Martha and William are:

(All children appear to have been born in Trumpington)

  1. Samuel HAGGIS born 14th August, 1707
  2. Branbston born about 1701
  3. Annice born 1st February, 1690 0r 91
  4. William born 18th November, 1694
  5. Martha born 22nd August, 1696
  6. Samuel born 20th April, 1699 (probably died before 1707)
  7. Richard born 30th September, 1702
  8. Henry, born 9th June, 1704
  9. Edward born 28th April, 1706
  10. Bransom born 21rd May, 1693
  11. Avice, 1st February, 1691 or 92 (Avice and Annice may be the same child, or possibly twins)

One thought on “Hatley

  1. I’ve recently started looking for a William B. Haggis born 1694 he is one of my ancestors. All I know of him is that one of his daughters married a Thomas Wiggins.

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