Generation 1

Richard HAGGIS was born about 1617, he died in 1682 in Bottisham, Cambridgeshire. He married Avis TURNER on 10th October, 1641 in Bottisham.

Known children of Richard and Avis are:

  1. Richard born about 1640 (more below)
  2. Ales born about 1650 (name pronounced Alice)
  3. Edward born about 1652
  4. Leonard born 1655


Generation 2

Richard HAGGIS was born about 1640 in Fulborn Cambridgeshire, he died in 1683. He married Susan FOSTER on 3rd May, 1666 in Little Wilbraham.

Known children of Richard and Susan are:

(Children appear to have been born in Little Wilbraham)

  1. William born 1667 (more below)
  2. Samuel born 1670


Generation 3

William HAGGIS was born about 1667 in Little Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire., he died on 3rd June, 1714 in Trumpington, Cambridgeshire. He married Martha HATLEY on 20th August, 1691 in Harston, Cambridgshire.

Known children of William and Martha:

(All children appear to have been born in Trumpington)

  1. Samuel HAGGIS born 14th August, 1707 (more below)
  2. Branbston born about 1701
  3. Annice born 1st February, 1690 0r 91
  4. William born 18th November, 1694
  5. Martha born 22nd August, 1696
  6. Samuel born 20th April, 1699 (probably died before 1707)
  7. Richard born 30th September, 1702
  8. Henry, born 9th June, 1704
  9. Edward born 28th April, 1706
  10. Bransom born 21rd May, 1693
  11. Avice, 1st February, 1691 or 92 (Avice and Annice may be the same child, or possibly twins)


Generation 4

Samuel HAGGIS was born on 14th August, 1707. He married Easter CLEMENTS by licence on 26th September, 1734 in St. Benedict, Cambridge.

Known children of Easter and Samuel are:

  1. Bransom born about 1738 (more below)
  2. Rebecca born about 1736


Generation 5

Bransom HAGGIS was born about 1738.

He married Ann GILLINGHAM on 6th March, 1758 in Trumpington, Cambridge.

Known children of Bransom and Ann are:

  1. Jane born about 1759, baptised on 26th August, 1759 in Trumpington. Died 4th Otober, 1825. (more below)
  2. Edward born about 1765, baptised on 29th June, 1765 in Trumpington. Died 15th June, 1767.
  3. Henry born about 1763, Trumpington. Baptised 22nd July, 1763.
  4. Elizabeth born about 1770. Baptised 15th April, 1770, Trumpington. (more below)
  5. Martha born about 1758 in Trumpington. Baptised 23rd July, 1758.
  6. Ann born about 1763, baptised 29th May, 1763, Trumpington. Died 26th September, 1763.
  7. Samuel born about 1761, baptised 9th April 1761, Trumpington.


Generation 6

Jane HAGGIS married John PARMENTER on 8th July 1781 in Stambourne, Essex.

Known children of John and Jane are:

  1. Susanna born about 1786 in Stambourne. Died 1870 in Aston, Birmingham.
  2. John born about 1783, Stambourne.
  3. Bransom born about 1790 in Stambourne, baptised 13th June, 1790. Died 21st March, 1850.


Elizabeth HAGGIS married John HOWARD, date and place unknown. For more information about Elizabeth and her family, please see the comments below.


8 thoughts on “Haggis

  1. Posting for Rod Fletcher

    Rod Fletcher Says:

    Jane Haggis = John Parmenter
    Jane Parmenter b.1783 Stambourne
    John D. 2.6.1867 Stambourne
    Elizabeth b.1788 stambourne d.abt 5.1877 Little Shelford
    Bransom d. 17.3.1851 Stambourne
    Harriet b.1793 Stambourne = Samuel Hayho 30.6.1815 stambourne
    Edward b. 1795 Lower Cambridge d. bef.1861

  2. Hi
    RE: Elizabeth Haggis born 1770. Baptised 15th April, 1770, Trumpington.

    Elizabeth Haggis married John howard 24 Oct 1791 in Trumpington. Elizabeth and John are my gx5 grandparents.
    John died in 1839 in Trumpington. Elizabeth was alive in the 1841 census but can find no trace of her after that time – not even a death record.
    John and Elizabeth had 7 children together. I am decended from their son Bransom Howard born in 1795.
    Can provide more details to anyone also researching this family.
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Catherine, thanks for your comment!

    Around the middle of the 19th century a lot of my family from Cambridgeshire moved to the midlands (Birmingham). Is there a chance Elizabeth could have done the same, maybe to go to live with a child, or grandchild after she was widowed?

  4. I come from a line of Haggis’,father Ian, uncle Geoff, grandfather Harold. There are more and I will provide more info if needed. A letter from another Richard Haggis in a magazine prompted my Google search as I have never seen my name anywhere else, other than Paul Haggis. It would be nice to talk to others who were given a hard time at school!!

  5. Hi Kate, just stubbled on your website, I am another of the Haggis’s decended from the Cambridge farmers. I did a quick trip to Cambridge in 2011 and wizzed round many of the addresses you can pick from the Victorian records. Lots of lovely of old churches to see, but unfortunately the local gravestones crumble after a 100 years. Haggis Farm Polo Club really exists and so does a street called Haggis Gap in Fulbourn.
    I would love to see an old photo of The Hoop Hotel which was in Rose Crescent until about 1900 when one side of the street was rebuilt.
    Good health to you all where ever you are in the world.

  6. Hi. I’m not related to the Haggis family but my great-uncle Thomas Froome Wilson farmed Haggis Farm in the early part of the 20th century. I don’t know whether he owned or rented the farm but I suspect the latter; his mother had financed his foray into farming as he descended from farmer/butchers in Berkshire. He was resident at Haggis Farm in the 1901 & 1911 censuses but we know he had financial difficulties at some stage and the Farmer’s Union helped him to avoid becoming legally bankrupt and to find accommodation in Fulbourn where he lived with one of his daughters until his death. I’m pleased to have found the information you all give as my family has often wondered about the name of the farm.

    Helen Ellis

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