Roger GILLINGHAM was born about 1685 and died in 1746.

He married Anna WIGMORE on 13th February, 1706 in Whittlesford, Cambridge.

Between 1702 and 1705 Roger was educated at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. He was awarded a BA in 1706 and an MA in 1709. He was ordained a deacon on 19th June 1709, and a priest on 24th June 1709.

Between 1709 and 1746 he was rector of All Saints church in Little Shelford, Cambridge.

Known children of Roger and Anna are:

Gilbert born 11th June, 1711 in Little Shelford, Cambridge. Baptised 12th June 1711. (more below)

Anna born 24th May, 1710 in Little Shelford, baptised 13th June, 1710.

Maria born 17th September, 1715, Little Shelford. Baptised 19th October, 1715.

George born 13th January, 1716, Little Shelford. Baptised 8th February, 1716.

Susanna born about 1720, Little Shelford. Baptised 16th March, 1720.

Elizabeth born about 1714, Little Shelford. Baptised 29th July, 1714.

Rebecca born 12th October, 1712, Little Shelford. Baptised 30th October, 1712.

John born about 1717, Little Shelford. Baptised 24th February, 1717.

John born 28th March, 1719, Little Shelford. Baptised 15th June, 1719.

Roger born 9th July, 1708, Little Shelford. Baptised 26th July, 1708.


Gilbert GILLINGHAM married Elizabeth STALLAN on 13th February in Wimbish, Essex.

Known children of Gillbert and Elizabeth are:

Ann born about 1735 in Little Shelford. Baptised on 6th January, 1735. (more below)


Ann GILLINGHAM married Bransom HAGGIS on 6th March, 1758 in Trumpington, Cambridge.

Known children of Ann and Bransom are:

Jane born about 1759 in Trumpington. Baptised 25th August, 1759. Died 4th October, 1825.

Edward born about 1765 in Trumpington, baptised 29th June, 1765. Died 15th June, 1767.

Henry born about 1764 in Trumpington. Baptised 22nd July, 1764.

Elizabeth born about 1770, baptised 15th April, 1770.

Martha born about 1758 in Trumpington. Baptised 23rd July, 1758.

Ann born about 1763 in Trumpington. Baptised 29th May, 1763. Died 26th September, 1763.

Samuel born about 1761 in Trumpington. Baptised 9th April, 1761.

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  1. Dear Kate

    I also descend from the Gillinghams and Wigmores and would be only too happy to share my information on these families and their ancestors with you. Just drop me a line to the above email address.

    Best wishes
    Robert O’Connor

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