William DICK married Mary CAMPBELL, date and place unknown.

Known children of William and Mary are:

  1. William, baptised 5th April, 1723 in Bo’Ness, Linlithgowshire. Died sometime before 1730.
  2. William, baptised 3rd May 1730 in Bo’ness. (more below)
  3. Mary, baptised 12th March, 1730 in Kilmarnock, Ayr.
  4. Mary baptised 3rd September, 1721. Died some time before 1730
  5. Anna, born 26th July 1731 in Kilmarnock, baptised 29th July 1731.
  6. Agnes baptised 18th September, 1720 in Bo’Ness. Died some time before 1732.
  7. Agnes baptised 20th June, 1732 in Bo’Ness
  8. Elizabeth, baptised 15th November, 1726 in Bo’Ness.
  9. Janet, baptised  15th April, 1735 in Bo’Ness.
  10. James, baptised 29th September, 1724 in Bo’Ness
  11. David, baptised 31st March, 1728 in Bo’Ness.


William DICK married Jonet AUCHIE, probably in Bo’Ness.

Known children of William and Jonet are:

  1. William, baptised on 30th January, 1746 in Bo’Ness (more below)
  2. Christian, baptised 15th January, 1749
  3. Margaret, baptised 5th July, 1752
  4. John, baptised 1st December, 1754


William Dick married Janet KNOX on 21st August, 1764 in Bo’Ness, Linlithgowshire (now West Lothian).

Known children of William and Janet are:

  1. William, born about 1765 in Bo’Ness, baptised 10th July, 1765. (more below)


William DICK married Bethiah BAIRD on 3rd January, 1787 or 88 in Muiravonside parish, Stirling.

Known children of William and Bethiah are:

  1. Janet born about 1792, baptised 5th August, 1792 in Bo’Ness. (more below)
  2. Andrew, born about 1795, baptised 13th September, 1795 in Bo’Ness
  3. John Taylor born about 1801, baptised 3rd July, 1801 in Muiravonside
  4. Ann Baird born 30th July 1805, baptised 1st July, 1805 and/or 14th July, 1805 in Muiravonside.
  5. William born 4th April, 1798, baptised 17th April, 1798 in Muiravonside.
  6. Elizabeth born 17th August, 1809, baptised 13th September, 1809 in Muiravonside.
  7. Margaret born 13th May, 1799, baptised 26th May, 1799 and/or 26th January, 1800 in Muiravonside
  8. Marion Aitken born 9th August, 1807, baptised 26th August, 1807 in Muiravonside


Janet DICK married Thomas MORRISON in 1820 in Edinburgh, Midlothian.

In 1851 the couple lived at 173 Fountain Bridge, Edinburgh, prior to this the family lived in Grassmarket. Thomas worked as a butcher.

Known children of Janet and Thomas are:

  1. Archibald born on 25 March, 1823, Edinburgh, died 1905 in Nottingham.
  2. Margaret born on 31st October, 1819, Edinburgh.
  3. Thomas born 18th August, 1824, Edinburgh.
  4. William born 16th February, 1826, Edinburgh.
  5. Elliot born 28th June, 1828, Edinburgh.
  6. John born 5th April 1830, Edinburgh.
  7. Henry born 8th February, 1832, Edinburgh.
  8. Elizabeth Allison born 1st March, 1837, Edinburgh.

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