Unknown CONROY married Mary in Ireland, date unknown.Known children are:

  • John born about 1845 in Ireland. (more below)
  • Frank born about 1847 in Ireland.


John CONROY married Ellen CONNELL in 1868 in Dewsbury, West Riding of Yorkshire.In 1871 the family lived in Dewsbury.In 1881 they live in Albion Street, Dewsbury. John is employed as fuller at a wollen mill, and Ellen works as a rag sorter.

John and Ellen’s known children are:

  • Mary Anne born 1870 in Dewsbury. (more below)
  • Louisa A. born 1872 in Dewsbury.
  • Thomas born about 1875, Dewsbury.
  • Frances born about 1877, Dewsbury
  • John born 1881 in Dewsbury.


Mary Anne CONROY married Joseph PUGH in 1891 in Dewsbury.

Mary Anne and Joseph’s known children are:

  • Mary born 16th January, 1897 in Batley. Died March 1986 in Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire.
  • Eliza born 1892 in Batley.
  • Sarah born 1894 in Batley.

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