John COLLEDGE and Sarah had one known child:

  • William, born about 1808 in Birmingham (more below)


William COLLEDGE married Edith MEAD  on 17th April, 1837 in Wendover,
Buckinghamshire. William was a bargeman who transported coal from
Warwickshire to London, living and working aboard his boat, the Tavak.

William and Edith had three known children:

  • John, born about 1839 in Oldbury, Staffordshire
  • William, born about 1842 in Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
  • Thomas, born about 1843 in Stratford on Avon (more below)


Thomas COLLEDGE married Mary WALTON on 24th November, 1863 at Holy
Trinity, Stratford on Avon. Like his father, Thomas was a boatman.

Thomas and Mary had nine known children:

  • Sarah Anne, born about 1864 in Bishopton near Stratford on Avon (more below)
  • Elizabeth, born about 1866 in Stratford
  • William, born about 1869 in Stratford
  • John, born about 1873 in Tardebigge, Worcestershire
  • Edith Matilda, born about 1875 in Tardebigge
  • Lily Mary, born about 1879 in Tardebigge
  • Leonard George, born about 1883 in Tardebigge
  • Fanny Maria, born about 1886 in Tardebigge
  • Thomas, born about 1890 in Tardebigge (although Thomas does
    appear to be listed as a child of Thomas and Mary, I think he is too
    young and is more likely to be a grandson)


Sarah COLLEDGE married boatman, George HERITAGE, in Bromsgrove in 1886.

Sarah and George had three known children:

  • Ellen, born about 1885 in Tardebigge
  • William G, born about 1888 in Tardebigge
  • Edith Mary, born about 1890 in Birmingham
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