Thomas BANGLE married Alice DOSSETER.

Known children of Thomas and Alice are:

  • Thomas born about 1588
  • John born about 1592
  • Edward born 15th November, 1590 in Bottisham, Cambridgeshire (more below)


Thomas BANGLE died on 9th November, 1670 in Harston, Cambridgeshire. He married Margaret BERRY on 10th February, 1618 or 19 in Harston.

Known children of Thomas and Margaret are:

  • Martha baptised 16th February 1639 or 40 in Harston (more below)
  • Edward born 6th February, 1624 or 25 in Harston
  • Thomas born 22 July, 1627 in Harston (probably died in infancy)
  • Henry, born 20th November, 1670 in Harston
  • Abraham, born 14th April, 1622, Harston
  • Margaret born 7th April, 1624, Harston
  • Anne, born 16th November, 1628, Harston
  • Thomas, born 22nd July, 1632, Harston
  • Bronson, born 26th July, 1635, Harston
  • Richard, born 19th November, 1633, Harston


Martha BANGLE married Stephen HATLEY on 5th July 1666 in Harston, Cambridgeshire.

Known children of Martha and Stephen are:

  • Margaret, born about 1667 in Harston
  • Steven, born about 1678, Harston
  • Martha, born about 1668, Harston

2 thoughts on “Bangle

  1. Hi -I am also a descendant of Edward Bangle and Margaret Berry through their son Edward b.1625 then his son Richard
    b.1664 and then Richard 1694 , then Edward Bangle 1719
    then Edward Bangle b.1750 who married Ann Reader nee Cortham or Gortham- their daughter Rebecca Bangle married
    John Worland in Harston in 1810. Rebecca was my 3x great grandmother.

  2. lm historian of worland /bangle marriage… children “Joseph and frederick went 2 australia.
    lm also interested on where there other kids went, who are john, anne, charlotte, elizabeth, george, emma, john, alfred, elizabeth… all born between 1808 and 1830.

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