William BAIRD married Janet TENANT on 2th November, 1757 in Muiravonside parish, Stirling.

Known children of William and Janet are:

* Bethiah born about 1763 in Muiravonside (more below)
* Jean born about 1779, baptised 4th April, 1779 and/or 6th April, 1779 in Muiravonside
* Helen born about 1772, baptised 10th May, 1772 in Muiravonside
* Alexander born about 1768, baptised 10th January, 1768 in Bo’Ness, Linlithgowshire (now West Lothian)
* Bathia born about 1762, baptised 31st August, 1762 in Bo’Ness.
* Jannet born about 1758, baptised 4th December, 1758 in Bo’Ness
* Elizabeth born about 1761, baptised 11th January, 1761 in Bo’Ness (may have died in infancy)
* Elizabeth born about 1765, baptised 1st September, 1765 in Bo’Ness

Bethiah BAIRD married William DICK on 3rd January, 1787 or 88 in Muiravonside parish, Stirling.

Known children of William and Bethiah are:

* Janet born about 1792, baptised 5th August, 1792 in Bo’Ness. (more below)
* Andrew, born about 1795, baptised 13th September, 1795 in Bo’Ness
* John Taylor born about 1801, baptised 3rd July, 1801 in Muiravonside
* Ann Baird born 30th July 1805, baptised 1st July, 1805 and/or 14th July, 1805 in Muiravonside.
* William born 4th April, 1798, baptised 17th April, 1798 in Muiravonside.
* Elizabeth born 17th August, 1809, baptised 13th September, 1809 in Muiravonside.
* Margaret born 13th May, 1799, baptised 26th May, 1799 and/or 26th January, 1800 in Muiravonside
* Marion Aitken born 9th August, 1807, baptised 26th August, 1807 in Muiravonside


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