Generation 1

Robert ANDERSON married Janet THOMSOM on 4th August, 1726 in St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh.

Known children of Robert and Janet are:

    1. Robert, born 1st May, 1736 in St. Cuthbert’s parish, Edinburgh (more below)
    2. Margaret, born 21st August, 1729, St Cuthberts’.
    3. James, born 9th April, 1732, St Cuthbert’s.
    4. Alexander, born 30th November, 1750 in Edinburgh parish.


      Generation 2

      Robert ANDERSON married Margaret LEISHMAN

      Known children of Robert and Margaret are:
        1. Margaret ANDERSON born on 2nd October, 1763 in Edinburgh, Midlothian. (more below)
        2. Alexander ANDERSON, born about 1760, baptised 20th August, 1760.


          Generation 3

          Margaret married Archibald MORRISON on 13th July, 1782 at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh.

          Margaret and Archibald’s known children are:

            1. Thomas born on 20th June, 1793 in Edinburgh.
            2. James born on 8th October, 1784 in Edinburgh, baptised 15th October, 1784 in Edinburgh.
            3. Elizabeth born on 2nd August, 1789 in Edinburgh, baptised 14th August, 1789 in Edinburgh.

              5 thoughts on “Anderson

              1. Hi Kate. I found your blogsite through Tim Ridge, we research together although I am in Vancouver, Canada. I am related through Fanny Lizars Morrison B: 13 Jan 1858 her father was Archibald Morrison and Susan Jackson in 1854. What is also unusual is that I am related to Anderson’s from a different lineage.
                There was a doctor and lawyer and merchants trained in Edinburgh but born in Arbroath and St. Vigean’s, Angus County 1746>. They named their home in Arbroath “Comely Bank” after a street in Edinburgh, so I often wonder if they had family there.
                I imagine Tim Ridge has forwarded to you my Morrison info.

              2. Clara Morrison who married William Robert Wayne was Fanny Lizars Morrison’s sister. Her brother was Archibald Thomas Morrison who died the same year he was born.
                Hi there!!
                Pleased to meet you….
                Fanny Lizars Morrison married Thomas Henry Manton
                there children were Archibald Thomas James Manton 1877
                Birmingham – Hubert Frank Manton 1878 -Beatrice Maud Manton 1879 (my grandmother) and Florence May Manton 1881
                Beatrice Maud Manton married Samuel Guy Ridge in 1908 Vancouver, B.C., my grandfather. That is how Tim and I became penpals.

              3. Hi Kathy, yes, Tim has been in touch.

                I haven’t found a connection with Arbroath, but I only have info about the 3 generations above, and no extended family. Even so, your theory could be correct, people often did use familiar names, I suppose it’s a way of providing continuity, or reminding themselves of places they are fond of.

                BTW, Robert Anderson’s family seem to have come from Colinton, or at least had a connection with the village. It’s the home village of Robert Louis Stephenson – I don’t think we are related to him, but it’s possible our Anderson relatives knew his family.

              4. I am looking for Tim Ridge [once upon a time from the Claire Anne 2 – and Greenpeace staff]. i am not sure if I found the right Tim, though… sorry to intrude here and thanks for your help.

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