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Welcome to my family tree 🙂

I set this site up as a permanent record of the research I have done into the history of my family. I began my research with my grandparents, their surnames and locations are RYLANDS, Liverpool; OWENS, Yorkshire; GILBY and LUCAS, Warwickshire.

If you recognise any of the names posted on this site and think we may be connected in some way I would love to hear from you, so either leave a comment on the relevant post, or drop me a line using the form on the contact page.

my surnames: anderson, angrave, bocking,  clay, conroy, clements, clifton, dick, duffield, evans, fuller, gilby, gillingham, haggis, hanford/handford, holmes, jackson, linthwaite, lucas, morrison, mason, mcshane/macshane, owens, parmenter, pugh, reason, runham/renham, rylands, steel,  toder, wayne, wright (this list is not complete, more names are available in the menu in the dropdown menu at the top of the blog, others will be added in the future)

areas: england – cheshire, cambridgeshire, cornwall, derbyshire, essex, lancashire, leicestershire, lincolnshire, nottinghamshire, staffordshire, warwickshire, yorkshire (east and west ridings); ireland – counties tyrone, antrim and down; scotland – midlothian, west lothian and stirlingshire; wales – denbigh

For reasons of space I have not added all information about each individual, I have also omitted sources. If you recognise anyone listed here, don’t hesitate to get in touch, I will be happy to share what I know. You can also view my full family tree here including names, dates, events, locations, some occupations and biographical info.

You will also find information, tips and ideas which should (hopefully) be useful to family historians generally, as well as a list of resources under the Useful Links menus at the top of the page, which are sites and services I have used and found to be helpful.

I hope you enjoy your visit, and don’t be afraid to leave a comment, or ask a question – there is no such thing as silly question, simply one you don’t yet know the answer to.


9 thoughts on “About and Research Interests

  1. Kate,
    I came across your family history blog while attempting to gather information for my family’s yet to launched genealogy site. Seeing how your site looks and reads, it struck me a style I would like emulate. Do mind if I use Kate’s Family Tree as a guide?

  2. Hi Kate, I just came across your blog and really like the information I’ve seen so far. I am decended from James Gilby and Anne Burroughs Gilby who arrived in the U.S. at New York and settled in Nutley, New Jersey. My mother was a certified geneologist and had done quite a bit of work for national patriotic organizations here.
    I have specific dates and good geneology from England so won’t quote dates or specifics unless I reference the material my mother compiled.
    I’m “blown away” in finding out about the branches in New Zealand, Australia and India, and look forward to seeing the blogs from those family members.

    1. Hi George, I was ‘blown away’ too! Growing up, the only Gilbys I knew were my immediate family, it’s amazing to see how many others there are, and how far flung we are.

      I’m not sure if anyone else has a blog, but when I get a spare minute I’ll try to find out.

  3. Thank you for your reply, now I’m really excited.
    I found that I’ve already made a misquote: my Immigrant ancestors were Joseph Gilby b. 24 Feb 1849 Northold, Middlesex, and Mary Ann Burroughs, b. 1847 London, daughter of Thomas Burroughs, and had 12 siblings (only two of whom survived childhood: Alfred and Maria Burroughs Turner). I have no other info on GGrandma. Joseph and Mary Ann were married 2 May 1869 at St. Peters Church, Hammersmith. They arrived in the USA in 1872. Their home was in Belleville, New Jersey. Joseph died at home 14 Feb 1927, and Mary Ann at St. Micheal’s Hospital (Belleville, NJ) age 93, 30 June 1940.
    I live in Lakewood, Ohio, USA, (near Cleveland, Ohio) I do Aircraft contract maintenance. Grandpa George Gilby was a tug boat Captain on the Great Lakes for 50 years, And my father (Joseph Alfred Gilby b.31 1900, d. 16 Feb 1987) returned from being an aircraft mechanic in WW1, and became a Fire Fighter for the City of Cleveland, finishing his carreer of 50 years in 1970 as a Captain.
    Gilby knowledge and lore came from my Dad’s Aunt (Lottie Gilby Reilly) who was still living in New Jersey in the early 1960’s, alas I was too young to appreciate the stories when we last saw her about1958/59.

  4. Hi Kate, just came across your site whilst researching my Gilby family tree. My Great Grandmother was Rebecca Hodgson Gilby who was born about 1843 in Hardwick Lincolnshire, daughter of Joseph Gilby and Harriet Clark. She married William Brougham in 1872 and died 19 April 1920 in Hathersage Derbyshire . That is the village where I was brought up. All my family tree leads back to Lincolnshire- Gilby, Priestley, Brougham and Winkley. Many of them were Farmers and Blacksmiths and moved to the cities during the Industrial Revolution. Keep up the good work- great to know there are lots of Gilby researchers out there!

  5. Hello Kate
    Looking at the details of the Pugh families, Generation 3, I have some information that you may not have. It concerns your comments besides the name of Octavius Pugh, that this name is usually given to the eighth child, but you can only find six on the censuses. I may have found the missing child. I have an image of a baptism for the first child of Maddock and Christiana Pugh, born before they married. I may also have details of Maddock Pugh’s first marriage. Please email me if you’d like to learn more.

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