Changing things a bit

I’ve been publishing this blog for a while now, and although, I really like the set up here at WordPress, there are a couple of things that make life a bit difficult. One, the lack of javascript support – I know there is a good reason why we can’t use it here, but it’s frustrating none the less. The other problem I have is with uploading videos. It’s supposed to be easy, but I’m not finding it so. Both problems are quite minor, but I do feel that this blog lacks something because I can’t easily use the same tools as other bloggers. So, I’ve decided to split it into two blogs.

I’ll still update this one with information pertaining to my family – a lot of cousins have found me here, so it’s definitely worth keeping that going. However, I’ll be posting general genealogy advice at a new blog I’ve set up at Blogger, where I’ll be able to use the same bells and whistles all the other bloggers use. I hope you’ll join me there 🙂


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