My software ate my ancestors

Actually, it turned my gedcom into a complete mess, but that isn’t such a snappy headline.

Being serious, I downloaded a new programme, which seemed to work very well, only to discover it did some really odd things to the data. Not content with turning my notes into some kind of computer language – great for machines, not so good for people – it mixed families up, so that folk who married in the 17th century were shown to be the parents of others who weren’t really related to them and who arrived in the world a couple of centuries later. I’m not even going to discuss the problem of multiple duplicate entries and the lack of a merge tool.

Fortunately, I have an earlier copy of the file at Ancestry, several dozen people are missing but at least I was able to make some kind of fresh start using Legacy, which isn’t as pretty, but does do what it says on the tin.


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