My Earliest, Scariest Television Moment

I found this meme over at Terry Snyder’s, Desktop Genealogist blog, but it was started by Cherry Kinnick at Nordic Blue.

My earliest, scariest television moment is without doubt the advert shown in the accompanying video. This ad was aired in the early 70s as part of a series of public information films and was intended to warn children about the dangers of playing near open water – and it worked! In fact, I should imagine it traumatised an entire generation and it is surprising that any Brit over the age of 38 ever dares venture near anything larger than a puddle.

I have no idea who developed or directed the film, but I’m guessing they went on to work in the video nasty market because if they thought this was suitable for children, I hate to think what they would serve up for adults. I can remember watching it for the first time with my eyes wide open and a creeping sense of dread crawling up my spine. During subsequent airings, I made excuses to leave the room – I think my mother became convinced I had a stomach problem because I made so many visits to the toilet LOL


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