I can see why they changed the name

During the course of my research into the origins of my family I discovered that I have a very strong connection with the county of Nottinghamshire. This came as something of a surprise because I had never heard any mention of Nottingham amongst my immediate family, and I had always thought that particular branch came from Warwickshire. Anyhow, even though it was a surprise, it was a pleasant one, and I set out to learn more about the county and the places they lived. Over the next few weeks I hope to add more information about specific towns and villages, but today I thought I would share little a little snippet of info about the name of the county and the city of Nottingham.

We know Nottingham by it’s modern name, but it wasn’t always called that. The original settlement was known as Tigguocobauc which means house, or place of the caves. However, the Anglo-Saxons named it Snottingham, meaning the place of Snot. When I say snot, I don’t mean the product of a bad head cold, I mean someone called Snot. Yes, it’s an unfortunate name but it didn’t have the same connotations in those times. Even so, one can see why the Normans decided to change it, and if they did change the name for others reasons, I’m sure the people of Nottingham are jolly glad that they did.


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